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Video: Soompi’s Exclusive Performance Video of 2NE1 at the Cannes Festival

Credit: soompi

Video: Soompi’s Exclusive Video of 2NE1 at the 59th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Here’s an exclusive video of the whole seminar (the girls speaking in English) plus their performance! ^_^

[Exclusive] 2NE1 at the 59th CANNES LIONS International Festival of Creativity in France

Credit: Soompi

Photos: 120618 2NE1 at Cannes Lions “International Festival of Creativity”

Here are photos of the girls taken by those who attended the seminar! ^_^

Some were expressing how happy they were for finally seeing 2NE1, while some were ecstatic to have finally knew of the K-POP world because of 2NE1! I’m so proud of our girls! ^^

More pictures after the cut! ^^


Videos: 120616 2NE1 at Incheon Airport Heading to France (Fancams)

Fancams! ^_^

Short Dara-focusedFancam:


Photos: 120615 Dara and 2NE1 at Incheon Airport Heading to France

The girls are heading to France today for the Cannes International Advertising Festival! Fighting girls! ^_^