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Audio: New, Upcoming Rap Group Bangtan Boys, Mention Dara in their Song, “We are B.P.B”

Dara forever being the muse of rappers, kekeke! ❤ You can hear Dara’s name being mentioned at verse 3, around 2:33 of the vid.. ^^ Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof Boy Scouts is an upcoming group from BIGHIT. There are six known members, though there are speculations that the group will debut as a seven-member one. ^_^ They are set to debut some time this year. ^_^


BANGTAN – WE ARE B.P.B. (Bulletproof)

BP in the buildin’ we the young nation
call me the real hiphop darth vader
Our skills would make yours look like a baby’s
Don’t even feel like you’re doing us a favor
We do everything from rap to producing
I’m a bulletproof son of your mother’s friend that you can’t get over
(T/N: 엄마친구아들 is used to mean someone who is good in everything)
In this game, if it were 2NE1, I’d be Sandara Park
I’m rising like the sun, look only at me
(That or he meant I’m rising like Taeyang, look only at me… As LOAT is Taeyang’s song)
Yes, I’m going ppamparada ppambarabam
Like San-E, if you don’t like me, look for another guy
(Lyrics from San-E’s song, Tasty San)
I’m the savior from hitting rock-bottom, ya heard?
We the best of the best, Bulletproof

Credits: HippieEhMey

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara