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Official: 2NE1 Is Coming Back Soon! 2NE1 Evolution!

OH MY FREAKING GOODNESSSSS!!! This is it! A TEASER! FINALLY! OTL I AM SO EXCITED!!! /flailing and spazzing Cannot wait for it! Teaser pics of the girls, please come out soon! <333

They spelled the artwork as 2NEW1 EVOLUTION OR 2 – NEW 1 EVOLUTION OR 2 – NEW EVOLUTION 1!!!

That’s our girls!

According to this article on Nate YGE would be revealing the girls’ teaser images first, then announcing the date of 2NE1’s comeback! I cannot wait! ❤

Moreover, according to this article on Naver, 2NE1’s First World Tour “New Evolution” will be choreographed by Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” choreographer, Travis Payne and the girls will be joined by Beyonce’s female band leader, Divinity Roxx!

Check out Choreographer Travis Payne from Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”

Check out Beyonce’s female band leader, Divinity Roxx


Check out CL’s teaser image after the cut!