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Videos+Trans: Witty Sandara Park Guests on a Lively, Fun Episode of Philippines Late Night Talk Show, “Tonight With Boy Abunda”

B:Okay I know you’ve been asked to join many shows here in ABS-CBN. You’ve had a lot of offers, but what made you say “yes” to “Pinoy Boyband Superstar”?

D: Ah, first of all, the timing was right. Because in the past, I was doing something in Korea or I was on tour so I didn’t have the time. And then now the time was right for me to come here. Also, in the past programs that are like audition programs. I felt nervous and pressured, but this time it’s different because we’re looking for a boy band, right? It’s an entirely different story because I myself come from a group.

B: So you’re comfortable?

D: Yes.

B: And you’re working with people you know. I mean, you’re talking about Lui Andrada and company, so you’re comfortable. You know these people.

D: Yes, very well.

B: So let’s talk about “Pinoy Boyband Superstar.” What are you looking for? I know that an audition has already started, but when you see a boy is auditioning, what are you looking for as a judge?

D: I’m look for a special something that others don’t have.

B: The X factor?

D: Yes the X factor like the appeal, charisma like that. Stuff like that. Things that people in the masses would like.

B: Alright, so far, tell us what have you seen in the kids who auditioned.

D: Of course there are cute guys!

B: There are cute guys.

D: Yes! And there are also cute guys who have a good voice.

B: Whenever you go back home here in the Philippines, is it always official or do you come home to Manila once in a while to just wander around?

D: Ah to wander around also.

B: Oh really?

D: Yes. Because was it last week or 2 weeks ago? When I came here, it was just to go and wander around.

B: What did you do? Where did you go?

D: I went to my favorite restaurant. Met my friends of course.

B: Your Filipino friends?

D: Yes.

B: That’s one thing that didn’t change, you still call them. Dara, I wanted to know something. Earlier I was asking you off cam if you were able to walk at Seoul, Korea without any bodyguards with you? I mean how big is 2NE1 and Sandara in South Korea?

D: Actually at first, it was hard to walk around, specially around students; but now it has been 8 years since then, so now we are already mature. They can still recognize us like “Oh it’s 2NE1’s Sandara Park!” but not like them going waaaaah (crowd going crazy).

B: But you still can’t go to places where there are a lot of people, right?

D: Yes

B: Somebody told me that

D: Yeah. I still choose the places I go to.


Photos+InstaVid: 160822 “Pinoy Boyband Superstar” Judges and Host Gather Together for Show Workshop

The four judges and host (singer Billy Crawford) met up yesterday with the Fremantle team for a workshop about the show! ^^




14033057_173532909742865_1003470056_n (1)


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InstaVid: Dara is All H.A.P.P.Y. After Hearing 2NE1’s Song in a Restaurant in Vietnam

Dara is the biggest Blackjack ever! If we miss 2NE1, I am sure she misses the group 100% more..❤ Isn’t she like us? Spazzing whenever a 2ne1 song comes on whenever, wherever? ^^

While I was eating at a restaurant in Vietnam, our song suddenly came~ 😮😆🎶 I hope you’re H.A.P.P.Y Live happily once you forget me ~ I wish you’re H.A.P.P.Y!!!


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded and translated by: OhDara


Instagram: Adorable Sandara Park Takes a Photo and InstaVid with her Huge “Head&Shoulders” Billboard

Dara, the celebrity who fangirls over her billboard! Kekekek! Isn’t she just adorable?!😄 I really like how she’s grounded and humble..❤

That’s me!!! #headandshoulders


Dara said:

“This is now taken in Philippines! Earlier I saw my big billboard! Woah~~~~~”

And here’s the behind the scenes of that shoot kekeke!


My toes, my knees, my Head & Shoulders Billboard. My toes, my knees, my Head & Shoulders Billboard @daraxxi


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Instagram: Grateful Dara Shares Day 1 and Day 2 Videos of her Stay in Vietnam ~ “I Wanna Come Back Soon!”

I really love how Dara is so appreciative and so grateful to everyone for everything.. <3 

#SandaraXPenshoppeVN Day 1 Thank you Blackjack Vietnam ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

#SandaraXPenshoppeVN Day 2!!! Xin chao!!! I get overwhelmed whenever I’m on stage so I don’t know how to express my feelings. Thank you very very much much, I love u love u very very much much!!! Thank u for making me soooo happy. I wanna come back soon!!! 😘😘😘 #Blackjack #Vietnam


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InstaVids: Grateful Dara is Happy with the “Warm Welcome” that Vietnamese Blackjacks Gave her ~ “As Passionate as Ever”

Vietnam fans are crazily passionate and dedicated! Thank you so so so much for the warm welcome! I still feel bad that they got wet from the rain, but endlessly thankful of their determination to welcome Dara..❤

Hello Blackjack Vietnam!!! Thank you sooooo much for ur warm welcome!!! I missed you!!! 😘

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Hello Blackjack Vietnam!!! Thank you sooooo much for ur warm welcome!!! I missed you!!! 😘

Arrived in Vietnam!!! ✈️ Came back to Vietnam after 2 years. The Vietnam Blackjacks are as passionate as ever  😀👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Nice to meet you all again~!!!


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InstaVid: Sandara Park Declares that she is the “Master of Grilling Meat”

Dara was with the +82 gang the night she uploaded this video.. ^^ Enjoy goddess Dara! Have fun with friends!❤

Master of grilling meat


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Instagram+Video: Cutie Endorser Sandara Park Shares a Photo with Director Chris Applebaum from H&S CF Shoot

Dara is so cute!❤ And can’t wait for the other CFs that she already filmed for H&S!❤

Have you guys seen my latest commercial directed by Chris Applebaum? Check out this link~!!! 💙 #repost#HeadandShoulders #GandaraHair#DaraHair #해드앤숄더

This is the video she linked to.. ^^ It’s the Philippine-version of her CF! ^^

Sandara reveals her NEW secret to dandruff free, beautiful hair!


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Video/Official: Oh Dara! Sandara Park x L’Officiel Singapore August 2016

The magazines are out in Singapore!❤ To all our friends over at Singapore, please grab a copy! And to everyone who ordered the magazines through us, they will be shipped soon! <3 

Oh Dara! Sandara Park x L’Officiel Singapore August 2016

Get behind the scenes with Sandara Park at L’Officiel Singapore’s cover shoot. August 2016 issue, out now!


L’Officiel Singapore August 2016 issue, out now!
(Check out two all-new vids on our IG feed)

#sandarapark #sandara #dara#lofficielsingapore #kenzo #gucci#vancleefarpels #catsofinstagram #kpop#2ne1


Source: L’OFFICIEL Singapore

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Video+Trans: 160727 Pretty “Choding Taste” Sandara Park Guests on “Wednesday Food Talk” ~ It’s All About that Buckwheat Noodles!

Dara’s Cuts for Wednesday Food Talk

Some translations:

Dara: I’m a loyal customer of YG cafeteria.

Dara: I’m a kind of person who gets energy on foods to work so I eat my lunch, dinner, and midnight snack as well

Dara: There is a mailbox where you can write and send your concerns. People wrote that the food was too salty and spicy

Dara: They reduced the salt and the taste changed. It’s still good but… I could get in trouble for saying this. *laughs*

Dara: Ah but the food there is very delicious and I guess YG is just concerned for the workers health as well!*laughs*

Hyunmoo: I met a person who has exactly same taste like me, Sandara Park who has elementary kid’s kind of taste (choding taste)!

Shin Dongyup: Do you like Buckwheat noodles?

Dara: Buckwheat noodles taste is hard for a person who has elementary kid’s taste like me, before I thought it comes with Donkatsu. I’ve never eaten it as the main dish.

Hyunmoo: That’s right! You felt like it’s a side dish.

Dara: I had eaten naengmyeon before the chewy kind and I almost died choking on it coz it was not thoroughly boiled but I must live so I struggled hard to live. That is why I prefer the easy to chew noodles now.

Shin Dongyup: You must have really suffered from that.

Dara: I think the people in this area only know the song~ *Dara, Hyunmoo, and the guy singing iKon- Ideal type*

Dara: I want to put a lot of seasonings to what I eat. Its Korean Style~

Shin Dongyup: You have unique taste.
Dara: There was a time when I ate out and someone asked if I want to put more seasonings so I ended up putting it all!

Dongyup: You really still have a kid’s kind of taste.

Dara: I want to put a lot of seasonings to what I eat. Its Korean Style~

Shin Dongyup: You have unique taste.

Dara: There was a time when I ate out and someone asked if I want to put more seasonings so I ended up putting it all!

Dongyup: You really still have a kid’s kind of taste.


Source: krungFV

Translated by: officialwelovedara + OhDara