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Instagram Video: WINNER Band teases Sandara Park as She Headed to the Gym With Make-Up

[PRE-RELEASED VIDEO] It’s not the Face of Dara Noona that We Know (feat. WINNER)

WINNER told their Dara Noona that it seems like she is wearing a full make up today and seeing her upclose her lips is so red! Even told their noona that it’s not her face that they know kkk~ Actually Dara is testing a lipstick product that moment while she exercised. She thinks the product is good because after exercising the color of the lipstick didn’t wear off.

#산다라박 ©Get It Beauty Naver TV Channel


Sources: getitbeautytv

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Instagram Video: Get It Beauty First Broadcast CountDown D-2

💄Pre.tty. DA.RA. even. without. make.up. 👸🏼 She will be prettier if she apply ! >< First Broadcast D-2 💓 Feb. 19, Sunday at 8:20 PM ✨

DARA: It’s strange that wherever I go they say “Oh you’re wearing makeup.”

CL: Who? A lot of people told you that?

DARA: *Sigh* I really didn’t do anything though…I just applied BB cream!!! Then they go saying “I think you will be pretty even without applying makeup” Ending Caption: “Because I’m not Sandara”



Sources: getitbeautytv

Translated by: WeLoveDara

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Video/Official: Sandara and Mario for Penshoppe Spring Summer 2017

They look so cute and comfy around each other now! ❤ Dara looks so young and good with that blonde hair.. Well she looks forever young and forever beautiful in whatever hair color or hairstyle, so that’s beside the point kekekeke! ^^

 Sandara and Mario for Penshoppe Spring Summer 2017

Credits: Penshoppe

Instagram: Valentine’s is Not Over Yet as Penshoppe Releases Their Latest Video Summer Campaign With Sandara Park and Mario Maurer

Valentine’s isn’t over yet! Get swooned by our latest campaign video featuring Sandara () & Mario ()! 🌾


Sources: penshoppe

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Instagram Video: MC Sandara Park VS MC Lee Seyoung on Revelaing Their Naked Faces For the First Time on Get It Beauty

#Getitbeauty #겟잇뷰티 기다리고 기다리던 NEW MC의 품격 👑👑👑👑 산다라박, 이세영 겟두대에서 최초로 민낯 공개? 😱😱😱 10년차 코덕 산다라 VS 뷰티새싹 이세영의 💥불꽃💥 튀는 메이크업 배틀 MC 신고식! 💄❣️ 진짜 화장대를 탈탈 털어라 리얼 애정템 대방출 🤗🤗🤗 훈녀생정 뷰티 버라이어티 < 겟잇뷰티 2017 > ✔2월 19일 일요일 저녁 20시 20분 첫방송👍🏻 #겟잇뷰티2017 #ONSTYLE #온스타일 #이하늬 #클라스가다른꿀언니 #새로운MC #산다라박 #SandaraPark #민낯도예쁘다라 #이세영 #뭘발라도예쁘세영 #김세정 #세정 #보고싶세정 #재밌다 #본방사수 #Beauty #Makeup #Kbeauty #Cosmetics

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Classy NEW MCs we’ve been waiting for👑👑👑👑 Sandara Park and Lee Seyoung revealed their naked face for the first time on Get It Beauty? 😱😱😱 Cosmetic addict for 10 years, Sandara Park VS Lee Seyoung a Beauty newbie 💥spark💥 Blazing makeup battle MC ceremony! 💄❣️ Really clattering and knocking off their vanity table to reveal their real favorite items🤗🤗🤗 The home of pretty and cute ladies beauty variety < Get It Beauty 2017 > ✔First episode on Feb. 19, Sunday 20:20 PM (8:20 PM)👍🏻



Sources: getitbeauty

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Instagram Photos/ Video: Adorable Dara Visits TOP’s Sister Hyeyoun and His Nephew Yeonjun Whom is Living in The Philippines

*hop* *hop*🐰

so cute! yeonjun loves bunny and dara the bunny meets him~~


Pretty noonas came so very excited Yeonjunie

Unnie so cute, giving him full attention!



This is me girl crushing haha! 😅 After the mass, may blessing agad! Look who I saw upclose! My ultimate girl bias who is soooo pretty like an angel 😇😇😇 She had dinner with TOP’s nephew and sister. It’s such a waste taking selfie with her is not allowed. Thanks for this pic! 😘

They had dinner, on dara’s favorite food chain gerry’s grill.



The noonas are in my eyes 😎

Look at his glasses reflection, LMAO dara being cute~



Why are you standing there🙊🙊🙊 acting like noona’s guardian/protector ..pulling noona away as soon as the pictures were finally taken 😲

Yeonjun is dara’s protection squad!




go go go 😎😎



Let’s go 🚙 Yeonjunnie’s most favorite thing in the whole world is this cart right here… 🤣

Dara is in the front, she is DARAiver!



Sources:  choi_hyeyoun & leitbloomer

Translated by: WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded: OhDara


Instagram video: Penshoppe Ambassador Sandara Park Shares Penshoppe Full Force Promotional All Summer Video


Sources: daraxxi

Translated by: WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded: OhDara

Instagram: Get It Beauty Shares a Video of a “Heroine with Crazy Proportions”

Dara really has crazy proportions, like a Barbie doll! She’s really petite, but because her proportions are good, you’ll never know that she isn’t tall just by looking at pics.. ^^

A heroine with crazy proportions arrived at Get It Beauty filming site?!🤔 Even her back is , pretty back explosion ..💖 #CrazyProportions #PrettyBack #BarbieDoll #ThisMustBeHowItFeelsPlayingWithDolls #BackGoddess #TruthfullyShesAGoddessInFrontToo #GetItBeauty2017 #NewMC #HouseOfBeauty #CoDdict #BeautItem   #BEAUTY #COSMETIC #MAKEUP #KBEAUTY #SANDARAPARK

This is what they were filming! Dara looks so fresh and cute!



Source: getitbeautytv + @choinoir

Re-uploaded and translated by: WeLoveDara/OhDara

Video: Fashion Icon Ideal Shoot Sandara Park X Joo Woo Jae X Byeon Woo Seok X Jang Kiyong (Sandara’s Men?!)

Please wait for the official subs! YGK plus usually subs their videos! ^^

Fashion Icon Ideal Shoot Sandara Park X Joo Woo Jae X Byeon Woo Seok X Jang Kiyong (Sandara’s Men?!)

Fashion Icon Ideal Shoot Sandara Park X Joo Woo Jae X Byeon Woo Seok X Jang Kiyong
At CeCi’s photoshoot site, Sandara Park, Joo Woo Jae, Byeon Woo Seok, and Jang Kiyong find out the chemistry in this ideal target shoot!

Credits: YGK+ TV

Video/Official: JTBC “Talking Street” Official Promo Video Featuring ‘YG’s PR Director, Sandara Park’




This Week’s Busker ‘YG’s PR Director Sandara Park’

Came out to the streets to say what they want to say!
Sincerely revealing ‘Sandara Park’s entertainment history





Source: JTBC Entertainment

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Translated by: @kimj1won + @WeLoveDara