ELLE STYLE AWARDS 2018 Dara showed her gradual improvement from being a beauty/ makeup novice to a makeup expert & showed her entertainment charms in JTBC’s new tv programme Mimi shop.

“I have always been most interested in music and fashion. It’s an honour to receive this award from elle style awards in front of many important people that I like. I personally like fashion and I’m dubbed as ‘buy-em-all-dara fashion is her lifestyle & she’s the kind of person who would spend a lot of money on clothings so to receive this award as the result makes her very happy. “I will continue to shop hard and work harder. I hope to have more projects w JTBC and Elle in the future.”

“Today is my birthday so thank you so much for this incredible gift.”


Translated By: choinoir

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara


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