Dongsaeng whom I really miss so much~ manly and cool’s private first class Kang Daesung 😀👊🏻 At .. 💕 Igija!!!


Source: daraxxi

Translated By: WeLoveDara

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram + Twitter: 141018 – Sandara Park with her Dongsaeng Daesung!" (2)

  1. Ok This pic looks great. The other pics taken from the same event that she posted in her IG not so. She could have posted only this pic and it would gave been enough but no…because she never learned her lesson about less is more. Netizenbuzz translated one article from Nate with one of those really bad pics and netizens comments were so bad. For someone who is suppose to be media savy she sure is giving them the ammunition to use against her. Learn to be more discerning. Post only pics that show your best. Remember ad an actress you are always selling the image.

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