“The cute face since birth according to my mother.”


Source: daraxxi

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: 180408 – Sandara Park Whom is Cute since Birth According to her Mother!" (2)

  1. Alohadara said:

    whats going on Kia? Are you talking about YG when you say them/they? I too wonder about what she is doing. Whatever makes her happy, I’m fine with. But I just dont want her to sign up or do anything or grab everything thats coming her way in desperation. I agree, worthwhile projects…

  2. Please learn from your past experiences! Don’t stoop down to the level of those who are baiting you to make you look undignified, immature, pathetic, desperate, clingy, etc. If you’re confident with the truth-nothing they do or say you’ll allow to affect you. It will only use them as bullets in the gun they will fire at you! If you’re entertaining doubts, re-examine your own weaknesses first and strengthen it with self-love but choose your battles wisely! Play it smart! Be discipline! It’s a psycholigical war aimed to make you loose your self-control. Never let them think that it’s getting at you. Keep busy with more worthwhile things-pick a new hobby to distract yourself and make more constructive use of your time instead of waiting around for what they’ll throw at you next. Finally learn how to swim or cook and feature your progress on DaraTV. Don’t make them think even for a second you’re easy to bait! Good luck!

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