Sandara Park: I don’t really get angry. The last time I was angry was 7 or 8 years ago. I was angry at the stylist during Gayo Daejeon live broadcast. The PD told us to go up on stage but my clothes didn’t arrive yet so I threw a water bottle on the couch. The water spilt on the couch but no one really saw it. The members did but went out quietly.

Dara: I always dislike being in the centre. When it was my part, there was nothing I could do but to do it. But I always feel comfortable being on the side.

They analysed Dara’s way of writing. Interpreted it as someone who wants to receive love, to appear cute and someone who doesn’t want receive hate. Also, someone who is lacking.


Jjangmae: Because of noona (Dara), I get to eat dinner 3 times in one day.

Dara: I can eat alone at home but eating outside is like that, I feel awkward sharing a table with people I don’t really know.

Jjangmae: Dara can’t eat by herself outside. She calls people over she’s closed with to eat with her.

I think the pyschologist suggests her to start practicing eating alone outside. Because we there are times where have to do or experience something alone in life (otherwise it’s not life).

Dara’s worry: Becoming a pathetic/loser(?) entertainer

Dara: “She’s extremely boring/ not fun” & “a failure”, I got this a lot.

JHD: Does that stress you?

Dara: I think I won’t do variety shows anymore. I’ve come to a realization that variety is not meant for me.

SSK: So is this (secret garden) your last show?

Dara: Appearing on a show as a guest is fine with me. I just don’t think I can MC anymore.

JHD: That’s okay. It took me 5-7 years (to become a successful MC).

Dara: Is that so? Then I will try again.

JHD: Well done. [수고하셧습니다 – you’ve worked hard]

(The problem was solved pretty quick.)




Source: Parkers Republic / choinoir

Translated By:  Parkers Republic / choinoir

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara



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