I Like Monday and Sunday Outfit!



Source: Dara TV

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara

Comments on: "Video: Sandara Park Flaunts Her Outfit of The Week That She Personally Styled At Dara TV!" (3)

  1. Omo! I send out the message too quickly. Both versions have subtitles in English and in Traditional Chinese. Cheers!!!

  2. Hello Admins!! It’s my first time leaving a reply hehe…

    I am not sure if you already know that Dara’s One Step Movie is now available to watch via Youtube Movie for rental or purchase & also on iTunes Stores!! Both outlets are available in the HK region though, I am sorry I am not sure if the links also work for other regions… T T

    Also I am not sure this news had been promoted by you awesome admins yet…if you knew already that’s great..If not, here are the links below ^_^


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