The loneliness of Self – Discipline🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻



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  1. Like this exercise regimen… if you’re an artist and your looks is a strong part of your asset, shouldn’t you be more committed to staying in shape, eating right (not all that ramyun and junk foods especially the sodas), avoiding alcohol, etc. It should not be something you remember to do when you see the bad effects already but part of your lifestyle and image management.

  2. I noticed this about Dara after observing her for several years now. She usually starts on something with a loud bang but then it tapers off after awhile like she can’t stay consistently committed on it for example, the guitar or drum lessons. I remembered her brother’s friends joking about the “crunchy” eggs she scrambled for him a few years ago and how in the succeeding years after that she wished she finally
    learned how to cook. Then she had to cook
    ramyun in this variety show and when you think sje can’t possibly ruin that-she does! That’s why I’m not surprise even her career is all over the place. Is she commitment to acting, hosting, recording an album, etc.? It’s been two years since she went full fledged solo but there’s still no strong direction on where her career is heading. It seems like she doesn’t even know what she really wants.

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