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Comments on: "Video: 170901 FanCam Sandara Park at G-Dragon M.O.T.T.E. in Manila Concert" (3)

  1. Somerandomperson said:

    I can’t get over how happy Jiyong looks here – some of his other concerts in the MOTTE tour, he looked tired, lonely and overall sad. He even admitted to his Japanese fans he was lonely! But here performing with Dara, he looks so genuinely happy, and he seemed to forget his stresses and worries.

  2. Jenaced me too. I’ve been watching all the fancams this weekend just cant get enough. I do want to say that when Dara first came out she was stunningly sexy gorgeous beautiful! And her voice was perfect the best i’ve heard her sing. The way she performed was so natural and how her and Gd played together was fun to watch with all the sparks flying.VIPs who saw GD’s MOTTE concert elsewhere commented that he wasnt like the Manila concert, so playful, relaxed and alive. Thank you Dara for helping Jiyong forget all the stress and pressures to actually enjoy what he loves doing, performing for his fans and with his best friend, you!

  3. Still can’t get over this.. It’s been 4 days.. lol

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