Dara performed “Missing You” with G-Dragon and let me just say, her voice suits the song perfectly!!! She was so good! She has repeatedly said that she wanted to go back onstage and thank you G-Dragon for making it possible for her!

Dara and G-Dragon also performed “Hello” after 8 years and Dara joined G-Dragon for the encore.

Click the link below for more photos!

Credit: As Tagged + Cris Oriarte + @satorare + @madelee1522 + @kwontwoji + @blackstaaarr + Myx Philippines + aliceinkwonland + @bikyo4ever

Comments on: "Fan-Taken: 170901 G-Dragon and Sandara Park at M.O.T.T.E Concert in Manila" (1)

  1. precious moments captured forever!Thank you Dara and GD for the happiness and love you two shared at such a unforgetable MOTTE concert. Your fans all over the world like me was crying and screaming and enjoying every fancam. But your fans at the concert could feel the Magic in you. Whatever you have together is very touching…you both glow when you are together. Best wishes to you in your future journey!

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