mabuhay!!! 🇵🇭🤗 see you later at Robinsons Place Manila, 6pm!!! Excited ako! Can’t wait to meet u guys later!!! 👋🏻


The venue for today’s schedule.



Source: daraxxi + VIVA

Re-Uploaded By:  OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram + Photos + Videos: Dara is Home!" (2)

  1. Earnest said:

    Dara said in her interview today that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She’s been saying that since 2009 and the standarf excuse she gave then was the 3 year dating ban. When the 3 year ban was over, she still said in her interviews that she doesn’t have boyfriend. We took her word for it until her TV guesting a couple years ago where she, herself, revealed that she did date someone around 2013 (?) where they never ate out and dated in their car because she was scared of paparazzi hounding them. It’s 2017, she’s still saying she doesn’t have a BF because she’s scared of paparazzis plus the new standard excuse is “I’m too busy, lazy, etc.” Haha But now, I’m least likely to believe her. She lied before. She might be lying now. Maybe years from now, she’ll reveal it, herself, in a TV guesting.

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