Here’s beautiful, dancing, happy Dara for mobile magazine, Style;X~! I love how the shoot showed a different side of you!

Dara: “It was my first lead role in Korea, so I was nervous. I first saw the movie on the big screen during the VIP Premiere”

About Cheese in the Trap: “Recently, the actors met for the first time, but the atmosphere was already good Coincidentally, the lead actors, except one, are all the same age. Nowadays, there are a lot of colleagues who are the same age and it’s nice to gather together and it gives a good impression feels like the start of a memorable journey.”

“Not just with singing, but my activities as a singer has helped out my acting. In a sense, performing is like acting on stage..2NE1 had a different concept on stage almost every week. In that sense, I had a lot of practice and it helped a lot.”

Dara said the 2NE1 song she’s most attached to is “Fire.”

“It’s our debut song and I still get excited when I hear it.”

Style;X interview Dara: “You might see me as the brightest, but in reality, I’m the most quiet.”

“Among the 4MCs of “Get It Beauty,” I’m the most quiet. I was so quiet that, at first, I think the ‘Get It Beauty’ team  misunderstood me. But now I am very grateful for the love and support they show me.”

“I know that I lacked in a lot of areas for this movie, I still feel like it’s my first daughter. It will remain a precious memory.”

“I don’t want to forget about music. Acting and music, they’re like two rabbits that I both want to catch.”


Source: style;X

Translated By: WeLoveDara

Re-Uploaded By: OhDAra

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