Sports Chosun: [Interview 1] Sandara Park “‘Only Became an Actress Because 2NE1 Disbanded’ Feelings of Prejudice, Upset”

Actress Sandara Park (33) from girl group 2NE1, gave her sincere thoughts for her first film debut.

In the musical movie, “One Step,” Sandara Park plays a character who has colored hearing. In an interview with Sports Chosuin on the morning of the 30th at Sinsa-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, she revealed recent activities and things behind-the-scenes.

Sandara Park made her debut in the entertainment industry through an audition program, ABS-CBN “Star Circle Quest” in the Philippines. After activities in the Philippines as a singer and actress, she signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment in 2007 and started her domestic activities in the country.

In 2009, Sandara Park debuted in 2NE1 along with the other three members. In 2009, she appeared in the SBS drama “The Return of Iljimae.” In 2015, she starred in the web dramas “Doctor Ian,” “We Broke Up,” and “Missing Korea” and also appeared in the KBS2 drama, “Producers.” Recently, she just finished her first movie, “One Step and was casted in the movie “Cheese In the Trap,” cementing her position in the acting industry. With the disbandment of 2NE1, it seems that her activities as a singer has come to a standstill, at the same time that her career as an actress has started in earnest.

Sandara Park said, “Yesterday (the 29th), I couldn’t sleep because of the movie premiere. The 2NE1 members came to watch the movie and they said, ‘Your singing improved a lot!’ and I was really happy for the praise they gave,” she continued, “There wasn’t really a big burden when we were shooting and up until recently about my first movie work. Although this was my first movie here, but when you arrive at the shooting site, all movie shoots have similar systems. I had faith and believed in myself because I worked hard each and every moment. I didn’t feel pressured about this movie being the first where I was the lead female star, but strangely enough, I was totally nervous yesterday.”

She said, “It seems that actors who are former singers are divided into two kinds. There are some who concentrate on acting and stop focusing on being a singer, and then there are people like me who want to challenge themselves and want to get into both singing and acting. More than anything else, I debuted as a singer and I didn’t want to erase that image even as I go into acting. So musical movies or musical drama styles hold a certain attractive charm to me.”

Furthermore, she revealed, “Although 2NE1 disbanded already, I still want to continue being a singer. Recently, I’ve heard a lot of talk around me, asking questions like, ‘Is it because 2NE1 disbanded that you turned into an actress?’ Whenever I hear this kind of talk, I feel really upset. I want to go further into acting, but I also want to continue singing. So this time, I’m revealing that I’m preparing for a solo album.”

Sandara Park, who is preparing for a solo album, revealed, “I think that I’ll be headed into a completely different direction from 2NE1’s music. I had this idea that I should do something that’s different from what I can do if I’m with the members. I want to do interesting and fun music. I want to do bright music. I want to do a cheerful dance song that will make everyone want to ‘put your hands up!'”


Source:Sports Chosun

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Translation: Sports Chosun: [Interview 1] Sandara Park “‘Only Became an Actress Because 2NE1 Disbanded’ Feelings of Prejudice, Upset”" (5)

  1. I think you should really fix you site layout. I don’t know if it just me but old news keep popping up on top. If I’m a new fan or casual fan I would think you haven’t updated this pages for ages by just looking at the first page.

  2. Earnest said:

    I hate reading those kind of comments, too. But you can’t blame them. She should have started on this path years ago between hiatus. Small supporting roles to get as much exposure and experience as she can. I think she still gets the “idol trying to act” stigma cuz she’s relatively new in the biz and her acting potential had not been made aware to the public yet. Other than Cheese in the Trap, she hadn’t done any mainstream project mostly web and independent film. And if the public does see her on TV, she still peojects the idol image she had nurtured like being the cute, comical, clumsy, tomboyish, etc., instead of the more classically elegant, demure, and poised behavior actresses usually project. I guess they think she’s not really serious about it cuz some are even commenting that at 33 she should start acting or dressing her age. She actually looks prettier in simple hair and make-up or in a more simple but classic clothes like the style she has above. I guess all this crazy hairstyle, thick make-up and swag, ovetsized fashion is a carry over from her idol days that she can’t seem to transcend. If she’ll be able to project an image more fitting her age, she’ll be taken more seriously other than this display of what seems like a Peter Pan complex.

  3. Bibimbap said:

    I think it’s because she’s been talking about it and had a chance to get into it earlier but did not. YGE wants to make it appear she wasn’t prepared yet but really except for a handful of the really gifted everyone has to start somewhere. May it be small or supporting roles. Experience is the best teacher. CitT is a good starting point. She should audition for more supporting roles in the future and inject variety into her choices or else she’ll be typecast. It’s like building a resume.

  4. Finally! Solo Album for Sandara Park!

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