I went to apply for a new passport today. I have a lot of overseas schedules recently, so I added my VISA pages and now my passport became too bulky ㅋㅋ I finally got a new one made.. It feels a bit strange. I’ve had my previous passport with me for years.. Maybe because there’s a feeling of parting with the memories of all my activities in the past along with parting with my passport.. It’s actually quite amazing that I can still vividly recall the memories that I had when I made this passport all those years ago. What kind of day was it particularly, that I can still remember it clearly..?! I think it was around 2013.. At that time we also had a lot of overseas schedules, so we had to split our busy schedules so the members can go get our new passports made. I think I was blonde at that time.. I still remember what clothes I wore on that day, what kind of shoes I had on, what restaurant we ate at, what kind of food we had, what I posted on SNS… Goosebumps… 😱 I’m really this smart, right!?! 😂 What is this… To have it so clearly in my memory like this despite it not being a very special day.. So then, parting with this old, worn-out, and thick passport, I’ll work hard and create new memories in other countries with my new passport, right?! It feels like a new beginning, maybe that’s why I feel a bit scared.. My old passport was also with me during AON tour as well.. Ah no, why am I being senti over something as trivial as this~!? Nooo, I’m fine~!!! Also, I did well during today’s lesson~ Recently, I ate delicious samgyeopsal and now I’m having a watermelon bar haha 🍉 And after, I’m going to watch some drama 흐흐.. Recently, there are a lot of fun dramas!!! I’m watching our Honey-unnie’s Mon-Tues drama >.< And just like that, I have to run… *swoosh*~~~ 📺


Source: Dara’s Line Diary

Translated By: WeLoveDara

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara


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