Please watch on OnStyle’s official channel! ^^ Also, the princes did a wonderful job transforming Dara into Harley Quinn! We’ll put up the video with Eng Subs as soon as they are out.. ^^

Credits: OnStyle

More vids after the cut!


Comments on: "Videos/Raw: 170112 OnStyle Official Video Cuts of Cutie Sandara Park’s Transformation into “Harley Quinn” for “Lipstick Prince”" (7)

  1. Do you have the full english sub for lipstick prince ep 7 and Get It Beauty 2017 in the internet? TVN Asia have subtitles but unfortunately we don’t have it in our cable. Nowadays, it’s so hard to find someone who can sub Sandarajer’s show unlike when she was still in 2NE1. It’s so sad that Royal Ace had stopped making subtitle when 2NE1 disbanded. Hope someone can upload videos in the internet of Sandara’s show specially Get It Beauty. Shout out to those who have TVN Asia in their cable! 🙂

  2. Alohadara said:

    pipa, you are the best and thank you!

  3. Alohadara said:

    Loved watching this Lipstick Prince with Dara. This episode has got to be the best so far! The naughty Heechul kind of behaved even though he took his time putting lipstick on her. He has said in the past how he loves natural beauty and we remember several years back when he kept staring at her as they emceed a music show together. They did a good job but the highlight was PO’s reaction in being in the presence of his bias, his ideal girl…too cuute!
    She is sweet and innocent as each of them apply the makeup on her. But when she comes out at the end as a Harley Quinn diva, she has this total transformation and the Prince’s are going crazy!

    Our Dara is truly a star and those boyz will always remember they touched a goddess!

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