Everyday Life Quotes From our Beloved Sandara. 


Source: daraxxi/ krungy21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram/ Twitter: Dara’s Daily Favorite Quote Of The Day" (3)

  1. Alohadara said:

    Sophia, we know Dara stays far away from scandals. I dont believe she planned a joke or prank with Gd especially the one your talking about from the Bigbang after party. GD yanked her to him. We know she is very private and will not let anyone know who she is dating. His actions and YG’s response is stupid. We know GD and Dara are close friends. But he has japanese girlfriends and I think he was drunk and protecting his friend. I too dont want GD fo her because he is still young,immature, and has scandals/pictures with his girlfriends.Dara is smart and works very hard to make her dreams come true. Wishing her this new year many great opportunities, much laughter, joy and a love of her life who adores and cherishes only her!

  2. Sophia Erica said:

    *Your popularity …

  3. Sophia Erica said:

    The “joke” wasn’t very nice. He can afford to be reckless with scandals-his popularity will survive him. And he will test its limits. Dara, you, on the other hand, is in a perilous situation. You can’t risk a scandal. Your group was disbanded bacause of a scandal. Now, with the chance of coming back if the last single is successful-make a sacrifice and lie low. You’re popularity is not strong enough to survive negativity. Protect yourself, your group, your career and your family’s source of income by cutting off cleanly from any associations with him. Finally… really… move on now and don’t look back again. This one you really need to let go. It will hurt you again.

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