So cute she fangirling so hard hehehehe



Source:  krungy21

Translated by: WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Fangirling Dara Excitedly Spazz About CL Performing On SBS Gayo Daejun" (2)

  1. Alohadara said:

    I’m glad she doesnt promote Blackpink. I will not support them simply because I believe YG gave up on 2ne1(threw 2ne1 away, never supported Minzy, never took care of Bom or Dara) and put all his effort in CL’s solo career in America and Blackpink to take 2ne1’s place. He has said they are like 2ne1 but prettier, jerk. I have nothing against the girls who are very successful and talented without Dara’s promotion. I have listened to their music and I dont like it. No one can take 2ne1’s place for me.

  2. How come I never see her promote Blackpink?

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