2 million views now! I hope that we can make it the most viewed video on PBS channel! XD It’s been trending on YouTube since it was first uploaded! Dara really really smoldered! I remember almost hyperventilating before her performance started and I was just repeating “OMG OMG OMG DARA DARA!” then when the music started I totally squealed “OMG KISSSSSS!!!” XD 

Pinoy Boyband Superstar Grand Reveal: Sandara Park & Grand Finalists – “Kiss”

Credits: Pinoy Boyband Superstar

And just for fun, I will also post some reaction videos! There were A LOT of them, but I’m going to just post a few. ^^ Please do go on YouTube and watch Dara’s hot performance and let’s get the views up up up! ^^

Reaction videos after the cut!

Seriously, this stage has been a long time coming! We knew she had charisma and stage presence, but the confidence and raw sensuality was just something else! ^^ The male reactors though “Watch where you place those hands!” when the boys lifted Dara up! Kekeke! Tell me if you have a fave react that I was not able to add, and I’ll gladly put it up here… ^^ TBH I’m a bit sad when they said they never knew that Dara was charismatic or sexy or held so much stage presence before. But I’m glad she was able to showcase this side of her! PROUD!

Comments on: "Official/Video: Judge Sandara Park’s Sizzling Hot “KISS” Performance for PBS Grand Reveal" (3)

  1. Watching your last performance at the Pinoy Boy Band Superstart..I can’t get over — You own the stage! Your the Queen..I love to see you in solo.Hopefully , this is the start of a NEW DARA on the stage .. I love the cutie dara in 2 in 1 but I love more the DARA that I see in the KISS live performance.

  2. I would like to make a request from We Love Dara administrators that have personal Twitter accounts that are publicly known to please put it on private mode or the very least be very careful about publishing your personal opinion about other celebrities because it might get back on Dara. She is the one being bashed by the supporters of these celebrities because of your association with her. Thank you.

  3. BRAVO!!! This performance really made me feel super proud of Dara. She owned the stage…so professional and confidently FIERCE!! Teacher Georcelle must also be over the moon that Dara really did justice to her choreography! Kudos also to the PBS Director and cameramen for their splendid job….they must have known their video would go viral!!!

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