I never thought I will have this privileged  to write on this precious blog for my Dara unnie.

Okay, let’s start. Since the Disbandment of 2NE1 news broke out, I knew it, I have to see Dara for real with my own two eyes. Period. IF not now? When? Because my dream of seeing them all together had been crushed! oh well..

So I decided to file a leave from my work, but in all  out of luck! boss didn’t agreed on it. But guess who still travel after the rejection of leaving? ~_^

Anyways it was a week since the news broke out, in all Honesty, I cant have a proper sleep my maximum sleep is around three to four hours in a twenty-four hours of a day. I’m working like a zombie employee. O.o

So, after i got a confirmation of registration that I am on the list of team Dara for the live show on  Dec 3, 2016. I started to plan out my travel route. I Live in Province, It will take Four up to Seven Hours of travel due to traffic conditions(in manila area). That Long travel was just one route, Vice Versa is another so it is all total of  12-14Hours.

Once I arrived in Manila. I used  Google Map, Very useful  ^_^ I walked the path that’ll help me to reach my Destination Building. It was a LONG walked HAHAHA.. but I made it.


This is the audience entrance to watch PinoyBoybandSuperstar where, you will stand even if it rain or shine because if not? You will lose your slot on the line. XD


I’m telling you the line is no JOKE, always arrive early because if you got cut off the line. You can’t get in anymore. even if you are on the list.

The security check is very strict, they will ask you to hand everything to the bag and they will check it. And You will go through a automatic body frame checker, if it blinks RED they will need you to take out what’s on your pocket. If it is GREEN, you are free to pass.


Once you pass the Security, you will be lead to the Audience Holding area, where they will give out free food. They will Brief on what to do inside the studio. Then you will be asked to leave large bags. and be checked again before heading to the studio.

Yes, I was lucky to have this position, near the stage. I actually Aimed for it. HAHAHA Near Dara unnie.

Then I dont know what to expect, but the staffs Told us to act as lady we are. So it means, need to keep low my Fangirling once I see Dara unnie in FLESH!  XD

But that day, there is a basketball game and the Show got delayed for half an hour. We are standing.  But the staffs made effort to entertain the audience and have a mini – contest. img_20161203_191456

And then the time comes, where Dara unnie is coming out, i was filming. I thought I’d be Jumping and go hyper once i saw her, But the words of the staffs scared me that, they will throw us out, if we act out of conduct. LOL

So i suppressed my feelings of fangirling.


Yes I was this close, Didn’t have a chance to document many, because I was staring at her A LOT!  A LOT! Videos and Pictures don’t do justice to her beauty seeing by the naked eye. TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE RIGHT? Then when I saw her, my World stopped, it became Quiet. I didn’t even notice the Contestants and the other Artist there. My focus was on my Dara unnie. I can’t Believe she was standing there, near me. For real! her skin is Glowing, She is BEAUTIFUL! A GODDESS INDEED!  She was so petite, and all the time, I couldn’t get my eyes off her for a long time.I tweet and looked at her again.


There are times my line of eyesight, lingers with hers. And my Heart Paused it’s beating. Mostly when she grin, sublimely. Didn’t have to captured that, because Staff wont allow phones once the show is airing.

I even did a 2NE1 hand sign that I BET WITH MY LIFE she had seen it!


With all this blurry pic, my brain possibly had remembered Dara unnie’s face features all and all. I was happy, but expressionless as my companion said. I just said “I focused on looking at her, This maybe the last time I can be this close to her” .

anyways until the last minute, then her leaving the stage, I never took my eyes out of her.


and I won 1 of her 12 give away!! out of thousands of FANS!!! I won the neck pillow with her SIGNATURE!

It was handed to me by Ms Jenny(audience coordinator, admin of parkers sandara)  after the Live show was done. Thank you miss Jenny~~~


It is the best ending for that day!! All my stress, my weariness, and body pain that day is worth it!!!!

Thank you if you reached this far reading this blog. I hope . HA HA HA..well..

Thanks to my senpaiii for giving me this opportunity to share my experience, that day.

I can’t believe the progress i did this 2016.

Starting From Dara unnie simply replying to my tweet ..before even the PinoyBoyband Starts Airing..


ME: Big sis, have you chosen any cute contestant? are they many? hahaha

Dara unnie: I have…But for now it’s a secret..


Now, I won one of her Give aways, Also Got to see her up-close and personal.

Damn, I realize i made such a goal, this 2016.


I Never thought this would happen, but as I pursue, i never imagined i can do it! until now, I am realizing it.

I overlooked my progress because I was so focus on doing it.  I got home with a smile on my face, and my sleeping  Hours is longer up to 5-6 hours.


ALL pics CREDIT TO ME.. ^_^

THANK YOU!! <3<3<3<3

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