SANDARA PARK IS STUNNING! I had my doubts when I saw the clothes from yesterday’s SNOW video, but Dara pulled them off with much aplomb and elegance! ❤ I love the way she rocked each picture.. TT

Okay, so the concept of the shoot is “Pygmalion.” Now, if you’re familiar with mythology, Pygmalion was the name of a young sculpture, who fell in love with a beautiful and realistic statue that he himself made. He prayed to the goddess Aphrodite to give him a bride that is “the living likeness of my ivory girl.” And he went home, kissed his statue, and was surprised that she became a real person. ^^

With regards to this concept, I think that Kang Seungyoon is Pygmalion, and Dara is his beautiful and realistic statue, Galatea. In pictures, Seungyoon is looking at Dara but she doesn’t look at him. Her gaze is turned, not focusing on Seungyoon or the camera in most pictures. Her pose are also more statue-like.. XD






Sources: YG Stage Website + YG Stage Instagram

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos/Official: Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon Show Off their Chemistry for YG Stage X LVMH Kenzo Collab Project ~ “PYGMALION”" (2)

  1. Rise of the Yong said:

    “My Fair Lady” starring Audrey Hepburn was based on Galatea and Pygmalion, too.

  2. alohadara said:

    I love these two! But I dont like this set up, the posing, just everything looks wooden, dull. The carpet looks dirty and out of place. I always said Dara looks good in anything. Just that this is not my favorite. She has a pretty figure and I hate clothes that drown her. Seungyoon has too much makeup on. I look his natura, masculine look better. They have him looking like a doll/mannequin.

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