B:Okay I know you’ve been asked to join many shows here in ABS-CBN. You’ve had a lot of offers, but what made you say “yes” to “Pinoy Boyband Superstar”?

D: Ah, first of all, the timing was right. Because in the past, I was doing something in Korea or I was on tour so I didn’t have the time. And then now the time was right for me to come here. Also, in the past programs that are like audition programs. I felt nervous and pressured, but this time it’s different because we’re looking for a boy band, right? It’s an entirely different story because I myself come from a group.

B: So you’re comfortable?

D: Yes.

B: And you’re working with people you know. I mean, you’re talking about Lui Andrada and company, so you’re comfortable. You know these people.

D: Yes, very well.

B: So let’s talk about “Pinoy Boyband Superstar.” What are you looking for? I know that an audition has already started, but when you see a boy is auditioning, what are you looking for as a judge?

D: I’m look for a special something that others don’t have.

B: The X factor?

D: Yes the X factor like the appeal, charisma like that. Stuff like that. Things that people in the masses would like.

B: Alright, so far, tell us what have you seen in the kids who auditioned.

D: Of course there are cute guys!

B: There are cute guys.

D: Yes! And there are also cute guys who have a good voice.

B: Whenever you go back home here in the Philippines, is it always official or do you come home to Manila once in a while to just wander around?

D: Ah to wander around also.

B: Oh really?

D: Yes. Because was it last week or 2 weeks ago? When I came here, it was just to go and wander around.

B: What did you do? Where did you go?

D: I went to my favorite restaurant. Met my friends of course.

B: Your Filipino friends?

D: Yes.

B: That’s one thing that didn’t change, you still call them. Dara, I wanted to know something. Earlier I was asking you off cam if you were able to walk at Seoul, Korea without any bodyguards with you? I mean how big is 2NE1 and Sandara in South Korea?

D: Actually at first, it was hard to walk around, specially around students; but now it has been 8 years since then, so now we are already mature. They can still recognize us like “Oh it’s 2NE1’s Sandara Park!” but not like them going waaaaah (crowd going crazy).

B: But you still can’t go to places where there are a lot of people, right?

D: Yes

B: Somebody told me that

D: Yeah. I still choose the places I go to.

B: As a judge, how important is it for you, to have a cute face or a good voice? What matters first? Good voice or cute face?

D: It’s hard. Actually it’s not important whether you’re not cute or you’re not good, but I think having appeal is important, because you can still improve your skills through practice.

B: Can you confirm a story that a lot of people told me? They say that in Korea, you really spend a lot of time, many years, just on training. Is that true?

D: Yes. In fact, some people even trained for 10 years. But usually it’s 6 or 4 years.

B: What do you do during training? Dance? Music? What happens?

D: Ah, everything. To become a total performer. There are singing lessons, there’s dance. Even in dance, there are different kinds like hiphop, krumping. We also have English, Japanese, and Chinese lessons. Stuff that you need.

B: So like a total package?

D: Yes. There’s even acting .So it will be a really long training.

B: How about you, how long did you train? I mean, having come from the Philippines where you were already trained as an actor, as a singer, dancer.

D: Yeah, my training is actually quite short.

B: Only short?

D: Yes, two years only.

B: That’s considered short?

D: Yeah, that’s very short.

B: Wow! So okay a lot are asking if Sandara is back in the Philippines for good? What is the answer?

D: Ah, I’ll be going back here and Korea, so back and forth.

B: Ah, I hope you can come back here often.

D: I hope so, yes and because of “Pinoy Boyband Superstar,” I think I’ll frequently come here. Thank you!

B: And a lot more to come, we never know if after  “Pinoy Boyband Superstar” there will be more to come. People say that we can already watch the show this coming September.

D: Yes

B: That’s really exciting. Now let’s talk about your judging style. Will you be like Tito Boy and be a bit mean? Out of all the things I told you during Star Circle Quest, Dara, what is the one you haven’t forgotten? From all my past comments what would be the comment you would never forget?

D: Ah! You said so much to me that I can’t remember one specific thing, but you saying “You have no talent. Did you buy your text votes?” really stuck in my mind. But I know you did that for the ratings.

B: “Did you buy all those text votes? You have no talent.”

D: (looking at screen) Ahhh! This is that moment.

B: Let me take this opportunity to apologize to you. I’m sorry.

D: Ah, it’s okay I know you only said it because you cared for me.

B: Of course, and look at what happened? I was wrong. You’ve became one of the biggest stars in Asia. So what kind of judge will you be? Will you be the kind one or you will be the one to encourage. What will be your role and how are you going to do it?

D: To tell you the truth I thought I would be an angel. But I wasn’t.

B: Did you take after me?

D: YES! I was shocked like “Oh! Am I becoming like Tito Boy?” Even Ate Vice was shocked with the words I was saying so it’s like *sigh* But I was saying those things for them (the boys that auditioned). Now I know how you felt then.

B: Your intention is to encourage them, to motivate them to be better.

D: You were right!

B: Thank you for telling me that I was right. It’s not easy to join a talent contest. I already told this story here, but there was a time when a mother entered my dressing room during your SCQ days, and she said that I was ruining her child’s dream and I told her it’s because your child doesn’t have much talent. I remembered that but I already apologized and tried to be polite.

B: How is it working with Yeng, Vice, and Aga?

D: Super funny, because at first I was very excited to work with them because they are my idols. Ate Vice, Yeng, and of course Kuya Aga and Billy. So it was like a perfect combination. We all have a good chemistry. Super fun.

B: And when that happens, it’s not like work anymore. It feels light. And you’re surrounded by people you know and you’re surrounded with people who are fun to be with.

B: Let’s do Fast Talk.

B: Best Boyband in the World


B: Adobo or Sinigang

D: Sinigang

B: Tagaytay or Bohol

D: Tagaytay

B: Kimchi or Sauteed Shrimp Paste (Bagoong)

D: Kimchi

B: Bags or Shoes

D: Shoes

B: Favorite Pokemon.

D: I only know Pikachu.

B: First thing you thought earlier in the morning

D: I’m hungry.

B: What is your sleeping attire?

D: Pajamas

B: Craziest hairstyle you had.

D: Half-shaved hair

B: If you were a fruit, what would you be?

D: Orange!

B: What would you bring on a one-way trip to Mars?

D: Matt Damon, so I can also survive.

B: Kindest person you know.

D: Me!

B: Favorite Pinoy Song

D: Dadalhin!

B: Who is the most beautiful among you, Vice, orYeng?

D: Vice!

B: Who is the richest among you, Vice, or Aga.

D: How should I know about their bank accounts? I don’t know!

B: Describe the following using one word:

B: Aga Muhlach

D: Handsome.

B: Yeng Constantino

D: Idol.

B: Billy Crawford

D: Master.

B: Vice Ganda

D: Charisma

B: Last time you felt giddy (kilig)?

D: Three days ago during our PBS taping.

B: I would like to here you for a few lines of the song Dadalhin Sandy?

D: *sings literally one line*

D: Short line!


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  1. Your right Maria, I am thankful for the translations!

  2. I really looked forward to last Monday in anticipation of this interview. I loved it. Dara was so relaxed and it was fun. I am sure those who don’t understand Tagalog really appreciate your effort in coming up with the translations!

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