I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE HAPPY DARA! ❤ I’m so glad she got our welcome package.. ❤ And I’m so glad that she liked them.. T_T Grateful to the Penshoppe/Golden ABC staff who coordinated with us on making this happen! Thank you for your kind help in helping us bring the welcome gift to Dara.. ❤

Arrived at the hotel!!! Thanks for my super cutie new hat and the gifts!!! Happy Dara 😆 Let’s have fun tomorrow Blackjack Vietnam!!! Rain rain go away~ come again another day! 😭💦☔️#SandaraXPenshoppeVN#hochiminhcity #vietnam




These are our gifts for Dara!

These are the cupcakes we had made for her.. ❤ It has similar designs to the ones we gave her in Manila. Kekeke! ❤


This the conical hat that we got her! We customized the design.. ^^ Thank you to Nun, our Vietnamese friend, who so kindly bought this gift for us and had it customized so nicely! ❤

aDAmM3Wd.jpg large

v-Ep7svk.jpg large

the welcome gift we got her.. It’s full of local snacks and stuff that we thought Dara would like.. ^^


And here’s everything, along with the bouquet we got and the cute Vietnamese dolls (they’re in a box)! The other gifts are from the other fans.. ^^

xz2FU9Xu.jpg large

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