Okay so I legit teared up with Dara’s update, and I just feel how much she misses performing, how she misses standing before Blackjacks, how she misses going on stage with her members and shout “Nolza!” and introduce herself as “2NE1’s fresh vocal” once more.. T_T I am happy for her solo work, I’m really glad she was able to branch out and try new things, but seeing and feeling how she longs for the stage as a performer really tugs at my heart strings.. And also, she’s so humble, and she really loves Blackjacks so much and is so grateful to all of us who are waiting and loving 2NE1 after all this time.. We will continue to support and love 2NE1 until the day you stand on stage once more Dara! 2NE1 fighting! Dara fighting!

어제 촬영을 마치고 나는 광고 후시녹음을 하러 스튜디오로 간사이 우리 스탭들은 방콕 구경을 나갔는데, 길거리 어디선가 투애니원 음악이 들리더래요 그래서 순간 "엇 뭐지? 멤버들 왔나?" 그리구 뛰어 가서 보니 태국 학생들이 우리 노래에 맞춰서 멋진 무대를 보여주고있어서 영상으로 찍어왔다며 보여주는데.. 아아… ㅠ.ㅠ 이 기분은 뭐지.. 너무 잘한다~ 하면서 광대폭발하는동시에 뭔가.. 가슴 한구석이 시리고 찡하면서 눈물이 핑 고이네요. 퉨부심도 들고 우리를 좋아해주는 랙잭이들한테도 너무 고맙고 울 멤버들도 보고싶고 무대에도 서고싶고.. ^_^ mixed emotion while watching this video… Thank u Blackjacks 🙏🏻 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 we ❤️ u

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After I finished filming the advertisement, I went to the studio to do post audio synchronization. Meanwhile, our staff went out sightseeing in Bangkok when they suddenly heard 2NE1 music around the street, so at that time, they thought, “Oh what is this? Did the members come?” And they looked around and saw that Thai students were doing a performance with our music on stage. They wanted to show it to me, so they filmed it… Ahh ahhh… ㅠ.ㅠ What is this feeling.. It feels really good~ While smiling from ear to ear until I feel my cheeks explode, my heart feels sad at the same time and my eyes start to fill with ears. I feel pride for 2NE1 and also gratitude to all the Blackjacks who still love us, I also really missed my members and want to stand on stage together soon… ^_^ It was a lot of mixed emotions while watching this video… Thank you Blackjacks 🙏🏻 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 we ❤️ u 


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara / SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

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