I have missed seeing Dara in photoshoots! ❤ I am loving these B-sides from her shoot for YG stage last year! ❤ 




Source: daraxxi + krungy21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: Dara Changes her Twitter and Instagram Profile Pictures to Gorgeous B-Cuts from YG Stage “Maison de Jasmin” Photoshoot" (2)

  1. Rise of the Yong said:

    I’ve been meaning to ask if her actor’s agency, YGStage, have any projects planned for her this year aside from her movie “Echo” that will be shown in September and her variety show “Sugarman” that will end this July? Does she have a new variety show after “Sugarman” ends? A TV drama? Another movie? She really needs to stay active in her acting career as the promise of a 2NE1 comeback was obviously only a ruse YG made up to pacify the stockholder’s jitters after Minzy left. With the debut of the new girl group, I don’t think he’s planning to bring them back anytime soon especially if this new group will slay the charts and earn him lots of profit.

    I’m hoping Dara will make use of the time more constructively to further hone her hosting and acting skills with her new projects and keep herself in the public eye with worthwhile endeavors that will help build her reputation as a serious actress, great MC, and keep her reputation as a good girl intact. Don’t want her to be bored and hang out with the wrong crowd because it will only encourage speculations and delusions which in the end will not be beneficial to her. I hope YGStage keeps her very busy this year so that she’ll remain relevant to the public because of her achievements and not because of the people she associates with.

    • Hi!

      Sorry for the very late reply.

      There’s actually no plans yet, as far as we know. Nothing set in concrete and out to the press anyway. Hopefully she does get new projects soon. Dara’s been keeping herself busy with her endorsements and subsequent promotions for them.

      I agree thought that she should further hone her skills while keeping herself in the public eye. Recently, Dara has been stepping up and going for the things she wants to do, so I’m hoping that we do see her in more projects this year, whether with YG Stage, YG K+, or YGE. I really hope though that her management allows her to do the things she wants, because I’m pretty sure she has projects in mind already..

      Thank you for the comment!

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