Sorry for the late upload. T_T Anyways, Dara seems to have had so much fun in Japan and I’m so happy for her! ❤ Also happy that she has a network of friends around her too.. ^^


Delicious dangos 😀


Good night Tokyo 😴😴😴 13099076_1725067631080256_2058627992_n

Dara’s angels 🔫


Unrealistic handsome guys & unrealistic beautiful girls


QTQT!!! 😆


Purikura with friends~ Cheese !!! ✌🏼️



Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Tourist Sandara Park Enjoys Chilling Out in Japan with Friends~ “Unrealistic Handsome Guys & Unrealistic Beautiful Girls”" (2)

  1. Junkiiey said:

    Second pic, definitely looks like a guy. My guess is GD.. based on the shadow and body structure, though im just confused as to why would GD took that certain pic for dara, unless theyre super close or have a special relationship. When i look back to dara’s past pic with the same circle of friends in japan GD aways manage to be in the same pic with dara and same place.. hmmm perhaps they are dating for reals and using other people to camouflage there relationship or theyre just stictly friends. But the second pic though that GD deifinitely took for her…. makes me suspicious. If theyre dating for reals im happy for them, hope they stay together for long..^.^ if not its ok too.

  2. ILoveDara said:

    In second pic, I think I know who took the pic…..

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