First off, I’m just going to clear things up that Dara is wearing a Vehements DHL Jersey shirt, and is not in fact, endorsing DHL.. XD 

Now that’s out of the way, DARA LOOKS SO GORGEOUS! ❤ Seriously, I can ramble on all about her skin, she really just glows! And I love her hairstyle like this.. ❤ I like her fashion, it’s cool and comfy but fashionable at the same time.. ❤ 







Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø(2NE1) »ê´Ù¶ó¹ÚÀÌ 21ÀÏ ¿ÀÀü ÇØ¿Ü ÀÏÁ¤ Âü¼® Â÷ ÀÎõ±¹Á¦°øÇ×À» ÅëÇØ ¸»·¹ÀÌ½Ã¾Æ Äí¾Ë¶ó·ëÇÁ¸£·Î Ãâ±¹Çϱâ À§ÇØ ¹Ù¶÷À» ¸ÂÀ¸¸ç Ⱦ´Üº¸µµ¸¦ °Ç³Ê°í ÀÖ´Ù.



More and more after the cut!









Sources: As Tagged via Naver

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Comments on: "Photos: 160421 Press Pictures of Glowing, Gorgeous “DHL Delivery” Sandara Park at Incheon Airport Going to Malaysia" (7)

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  6. That DHL shirt cost almost $400.00 dollars.. Even if money is not a problem I would never buy that shirt. Most people won’t even notice the difference between that shirt and the actual DHL shirt. To be fair on her I think she just want to be comfortable on flight. Still her stylist have something against her, she always have bad outfit or hair. If its not the outfit then it will be the hair..

  7. Dara’s beautiful face and pretty smile saved her and this outfit. But it’s true as the comment before me says her stylist should be fired now. Image management should not be left to amateurs. There’s a lot of things at stake here: her endorsements, career, and future. I really hope management aggressively steps in already before her stylist do further damage to her image and turn her into a laughing stock in the fashion and idol industry as its leading fashion terrorist.

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