Dara’s friends, Younha and Joon Young were the Show Men for Sugarman Episode 18! I’m sure Dara supported both! Joon Young was the Showman for the Yoo Jae Suk team though, which Dara is part of.. ^^12717031_1534160616883112_350767948_n

My friend Younha~~~ 😄


My friend Joon Youngie~~~ 😄

Official pics! ❤ Fun fact! Colorful hanboks were usually reserved for royalty! Our Princess Park Sandara! ❤



A detailed looka t her hanbok from the shop where they got it from.. ❤


And Yoo Jae Suk-Dara Team won! Their Sugarman, Joon Young sang Cha Tae Hyun’s famous song! ^^


Source: daraxxi + JTBC Sugarman + hanbok98 Naver Blog

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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