I cried like legit tears last night when I saw this! T_T My heart literally pounded like it wanted to explode out of my body and fly to Hong Kong to be with the girls.. T_T My babies, I missed you, I missed you! ❤ They killed the stage once more, and I was so so so proud! No words could explain how surreal last night was for me, and for all Blackjacks who spent more than a year worrying and praying for 2NE1.. Of course, we were all happy to see Dara act, but she has said herself how much she missed the stage, and you could almost physically feel how much she missed 2NE1, how much she missed standing on stage with her sisters.. So last night was a validation and a victory that 2NE1 ain’t going nowhere, and that they will be back.. FIGHTING! Also, kudos to leadah CL for bringing Dara, Bom, and Minzy with her on her stage! Thank you leadah-nim!

And also! Their song choices!!! Seriously, their debut song and their most successful single to date! I got goosebumps when the intro to Fire started.. Seriously.. And how each of them were like saying “I AM THE BEST” to all the haters out there.. GET IT LADIES!

CL – ‘나쁜 기집애’ + ‘HELLO BITCHES’ & 2NE1 – ‘FIRE’ + ‘내가 제일 잘 나가’ in 2015 MAMA

Comments on: "Video/Official: 151202 2NE1’s Rousing, Passionate Performance for Surprise Stage at MAMA 2015~ “Hello B*tches, 2NE1 is Here!”" (8)

  1. alohadara said:

    BEST SURPRISE of the year! Shocked, happy tears, seeing Bom again…having all the queens together, dreams do come true! Dara, Cl, Bom, Minzy are the best when they perform together. They woke up the crowd and always makes it a party!

    Thank you oh dara for all that you do for us to celebrate all things Dara and sharing this powerful MAMA 2015 performance of 2NE1!

  2. please YG let them do their concert in Europe,north and South america,Asea, with xception of S.KOREA due to ignorance of some dumb Knetizens who can not understand BOM,so much hate and pain they.re trying to inflict to this beautiful woman who does not know how to hate.BOm please stay strong and keep singing so many loves you all over the world spread your voice,international fans are ready for you girls common conquer the world show them haters you guys are the queens of k pop.

  3. I was crying while watching them specially when Bom came out.omg! Teary eyed!! Cant help it! I feel so much pain again for Bom.i know how she misses the stage.playing again with her members..she took all da pain by herself jaz bcoz of knetizens immature culture..while international fans ang longing to see them again!since 2009 im a fan as well as Dara’ s fan….i miss 2ne1 so much!!!!praying for their com3back next year!please God!!!

  4. 2ne1… daebak!!!!
    So really happy for this great surprise!!!
    Awesome performance by the queens..bow down! I was teary eyed because of hapiness right now. Thank you papa YG for this wonderful surprise.


  6. DaraFanForever said:

    So glad their back and looking forward for their new songs. Dara Fighting I LOVE You.

  7. can you block I told u so! although she’s a daraling, she spews hate everywhere and its hard to ignore.

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