Dara so so so cute! ❀ Here she is with OMG’s gifts for her.. ❀


Β  I can’t express how grateful I am but..above all being able to spend my birthday together with you this year, thank you very much~!!! πŸ™ˆ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Source: @krungy21;@daraxxi

Translated by: Hanna @WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Twitter/Instagram: Sweet Birthday Girl Dara Overflows with Gratitude Over Fans’ Birthday Gifts and Thoughtfulness" (1)

  1. ohohohohoho…my unnie is dating. she is a very honest girl..and when she talks to blackjacks she really calls them blackjacks…but that ‘you’ is very suspicious girl! but you said you’d never admit to dating…but you will tell us when you get married. so i will wait patiently and pray fervently that a guy who doesn’t have to be perfect..but understands you…the real you..and accepts..comes a long..and will take care of you…that’s all i wish for you baby girl.

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