Wow! Thank you so much Nancy Lang for these photos! ❤ So lovely and supportive, and gives such warm feels! ❤ I don’t remember Dara being on Star King, so I think it was Key who Nancy went to Star King with, while she and Dara met on Strong Heart.. ^^ Coco Chanel is the cute cat mascot she carries on her shoulder, who transferred to Dara’s shoulder in their pictures kekeke! XD



Our Coco Chanel for the first time with 2NE1 Sandara dongsaeng after a long time, since SBS Strong Heart & Star King^^ The best preservative (방부제 미모 like ageless beauty)~~~ Ack~~! Our family came together to support SHINEE Key-Bum (Key’s real name is Ki-Bum) in the musical “CHESS” 🙂



*same caption as above*



Reporting in from the musical “CHESS”~ Ack~! 🙂
Our SHINEE Key-Bumi~~~! Came to musical “CHESS” and our expectations weren’t disappointed~ Seeing you grow up so well…… I was so proud of you! 🙂




Re-uploaded by: Oh-Dara

Comments on: "Twitter: Nancy Lang Shares Pictures with the “Family” at Key’s Musical “CHESS” ~ “With Sandara Dongsaeng~ Best Preservative Beauty!”" (1)

  1. Nancy Lang seriously looks like a different person from what I remember. I see Hyosup really wants SHINee and Dara to be friends. 🙂

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