Yaaayyy, more Hyunsoo and Woori! ❤ Dara’s crazy dancing OTL And oh oh oh!!! THUNDER CAMEO! My Park Siblingsssss~! /screams

Fighting on the job Woori-ya! ❤ Fighting on the new gig WonYoungie! Fighting fighting! ❤

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP4 “23, 26”

Credits: YGEntertainment

We’ve decided on focusing on the YGEntertainment YouTube channel to up the views, so please watch there primarily.. However, we do understand that we also need to watch through InSite and YGKPlus.. So please do watch through YGEntertainment YouTube channel first, watch it again for a few dozen times (kekeke) then watch in InSite and YGKplus channels.. We know that international fans cannot view the videos on Naver TVCast, but you CAN give “hearts” on the videos themselves. Look up the We Broke Up page, log-in to your Naver account with your ID, then give hearts please.. Thank you! FIGHTING!





Comments on: "Official/Video: Noh Woori Goes on her Crazy Job Interview/ Presentation While Won Young Lands a New Gig ~ Exciting “We Broke Up” Episode 4!" (14)

  1. Is it just me? Or does it seems like Hyun woo and Woori look great together? Ottoke?

    I’m torn now. Dara’s acting is Wow and Thunder!!! Kyaaa!!! I laughed out loud when Hyun woo said both of them looked a like.. ^O^

  2. It’s Official. Dara will be be just fine. I see a lot of improvements four episodes in 🙂

    She’ll do great things in the world of acting. I just hope YG will still give her a lot of acting opportunities even when she’ll be active and promoting 2ne1.

  3. alohadara said:

    Desiweloveapples, Thank you Desi! You made my day! Cherr84Addict is the best All About Dara episodes. One more just came out and she captures everything Dara is doing. Check it out daralings if you havent already! episodes are new!

  4. ygbiasedassed said:

    Everyone if you wanna see the knets coments regarding Dara and Seungyoons drama then i recommend you guys to visit ygpress.blogspot.com , all the knets reaction regarding YG artists activities is there. The comments are pretty positive , idk why others here are still trying to claw their way into making it sound like she didn’t do a good job. Their bitterness is beyond me. But nevertheless, she is slaying the doubts of most of the people, so haters get none. LOL!

  5. Desiweelovesapples said:

    To make you guys’ day… Cherry just uploaded more All About Dara!! You guys should watch it. Her youtube username is Cherry84addict. Come check it out! 🙂

  6. Xkismet said:

    I’m curious as to why the videos are set to be restricted in several countries. It limits view counts and being in one of the countries it had been restricted in, it’s a real pain in the ass 😦

  7. why is it that i’m liking more dara’s acting in ep4? is it bcoz im team hyunwoo? LOL or is it bcoz she’s better at being perky, mischievous rather than showing more serious emotions? but really, she/woori seems more comfy w/ hyunwoo than w/ wonyoung? her actions/skinship moments w/ the former seemed more natural,spontaneous than w/ the latter. of corz, she’s just being friendly w/ hyun and not doing romantic things like w/ won. it helps that kiyong’s acting for me, looks natural.

  8. I remember who Dara reminds me of .. Haha. She could be Korea’s Rainie Yang. Haha. They both are vampires too. I wonder if the mask dance is one of the adlibs coz it is so embarrasingly cute. Hahaha.And Idk but I am kind of rooting for HyunRi more than WooYoung lol. #2ndleadsyndrome

  9. as an international fan..i’m curious how ‘we broke up is’ doing in the korean market. i wonder what the korean fans are saying. anyone have any idea?

    • twistables13 said:

      Same here! That’s why I really looked for korean websites discussing we broke up. I hope we can find one!! 😯 anyway, it seems that the general reception is postive. Here: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000491031
      Based on the title, we broke up in naver already reached 2 million views!! Jjiang! 😄😄😄 Now, if only someone can translate the whole article…. 😮

  10. Dara’s acting keeps improving! She really is getting more and more natural and I really can’t wait to see her in a tv drama! Her chemistry with the second lead is overflowing!!!

  11. it’s true! her acting gets better and better every episode! i keep rewatching the latest episode more times than the one that came before…if i watched ep 4 like 15 times already…i like i’ll be watching ep 5 25 times!

  12. AtrueFan said:

    So glad Thunder is in series. I like Dara very much acting. Laughed out Loud and feel the fun boy HaHaHa

  13. alohadara said:

    Surprise! Park San-Hyun aka Cheondung aka Dog Poop aka Thunder, Dara’s brother did a cameo. Now if Bom Cl and Minzy played a part in this drama, it would be perfection! Her interactions with the 2nd lead is adorable. And he is a cutie…another great episode!

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