We finally have a premiere date! “We Broke Up” will have its first broadcast on June 29!!! So June 29, Monday, at 7PM KST! ❤ 10 more days everyone!!!


DARA – ‘WE BROKE UP (우리 헤어졌어요)’ TEASER




Comments on: "Video+Official: “We Broke Up” Releases Teasers and Broadcast Date ~ Mark “June 29” On Your Calendars!" (32)

  1. i think what dara needs to do is really internalize the character before even the director gives the cue…it’s like..before even the camera turns on you are already in character…cause with dara..it’s like…’cue’. then she starts to act. hmm.how do i explain this? ..i don’t know how to explain it..but..it’s like she’s waiting for her cue to start acting …that’s what i noticed in the producer when Dara starts her lines..it looked like she’d been waiting for her scene to start before she gets into the character instead of being the character itself…or maybe her real personality is just too bright that it shines over her character…idk…. i’m no expert by no means, just an observer. yeah, i hope dara gets a great acting coach and i hope directors won’t be too soft on her in order to motivate her. i also feel like..since she’s been wanting ot act for sooo long…she’s to excited wit her projects instead of evaluating her performance and loooking at her performance with a critical eye she kinda..has too much fun to see what she needs to see…

  2. Ohhh emmmm gggg….im sooo excited for this…en ohhh how i love dara sweet voice 🙂 her voice improve very well..KANGDARA OVELOAD 😊😊😊 FIGHTING.

  3. Now that I’ve seen some scenes in the preview, I think Dara will do just fine. I have always loved KSY’s voice. The song sounds sweet. Go Dara and KSY!

  4. dara is much more promising in preview #1 than her teaser. she definitely needs to learn more on how to approach certain scenes. hope she gets a very good acting coach or director to review what she’s done so far and tell her how to improve her acting. hope she internalizes those lessons so she gets better and better as she gain more experience. i think she looks ok when acting upset but she doesn’t seem to know how to express exasperation (her teaser) and deep hurt. it’s like she’s holding back or is afraid to show deep or intense emotions. in her teaser, there’s that part where she paused after ranting about ksy, looked down then sighed. it didn’t look natural or seamless. more like: step 1. step 2… during dr. ian, it bothered me that she was a bit gleeful when she chased the guy after her crying scene on the bridge just moments earlier. she was dry eyed too. of corz, the director should’ve watched out for that especially when it might have taken hours between shooting both scenes that dara might have forgotten to make a smooth transition.

    but back to the preview, wow…she did sing the ost! not only that, she did well! i think this is her strongest voice/singing yet even though her voice still retains that cutish quality. and their voices blended well! i don’t know if ksy coached her during rehearsals or recording but her singing here is definitely much more impressive than her previous songs. anyway, she looks much more beautiful here than the teaser–and if i may say so, also the vogue photoshoot (sorry guyz). and.. now that i’ve seen snippets, i’m wanting to see more of her interactions with jky. he seems like a natural in acting too…and surprise, dee and ksy’s pairing didn’t look weird in their scenes though the scenes themselves are kinda awkward. definitely no may-dec. affair. in fact her bangs make her look younger than ksy. that’s why she looked rather mature in that scene where she saw ksy hugging ksh. jus like in the recent dior event.

  5. alohadara said:

    WOW! So excited and a Awesome Surprise! When she started singing my heart just melted and it was so sweet! More then I imagined at it was only the 1st preview. Seungyoon has a powerful voice but he toned it down so that their voices could mesh perfectly together. The chemistry between these two looks so real that its making the waiting for this drama to start even harder. Dara Seungyoon I am so proud of you!

  6. ygbiasedassed said:

    Someone f*cking hold me!!!! Im dying! Look at them! Ugh! Perfection at its finest! This hyped me more! Dara nd Seungyeons voice have fitted perfectly, i didnt actually expect that because seungyeon has a rough & strong beautiful vocals while Dara has a softer one so it working out is not what i expected, but it did! They have outdone themselves again, Gosh! I love them both so much, but why do i feel like Dara & Jang Kiyong has more chemistry? i think its just me. LOL. Gotta give the YGK+ CEO all the cookies in the world because she is awesome in utilizing the talents of YG artists that otherwise would just be wasted by Hyungsuk. Excited!

    • I am so glad Dara has YGK+ CEO giving her plenty of exposure and opportunities! She truly is Dara’s fairy godmother!!

  7. yellowstrawberry said:

    smiling from ear to ear while watching the preview.

  8. there’s a new video!
    a preview!
    the song!

  9. the thing is..acting in the philippines is kinda like what you see in mexican telenovela’s…lots of hand gestures..and exagerrated movements….and korean acting is a lot of facial expresison acting..so basically, she just has to unlearn all the acting she learned in the philippines.

  10. i hope dara would accept more roles that are different from her real personality because in the roles that she played so far, her real personality shines more than the character.

  11. yellowstraberry said:

    can’t wait to watch this! 😀

  12. Just read all the acting comments 😀 😀 😀

    If I may, I would also like to add my personal observations as well. It’s very true that Dara still needs polishing on her acting skills. But I’d like to point out two things:

    1. She does great when acting out negative(?) emotions like annoyance, anger, and angst.
    2. However, she needs to improve her acting on elated emotions like happiness, or excitement. I think there’s a teeny tiny bit of over acting on her part sometimes.

    As far as I have observed, Korean dramas require little facial expressions on their actors. It’s probably because they zoomed in on the actors’ faces so much that little movements of eyebrows are obvious. On point #2, I think she applies more of her natural personality but it sometimes comes off or exaggerated. She needs to find balance on that. Also, I have seen her Filipino movies and I assume Filipino movies requires elaborate facial expressions, hand gestures and voice – like in Broadway. I believe she got a lot from there so she’s (for lack of better word) struggling to tone it down a bit – especially on acting out excitement since that’s what she almost, always portray on her previous movies. It was very obvious way back when she did that historical drama.

    Given those, I have yet to see how she does on what I think are the strongest human emotions – devastation, madness, or falling deeply in love. I think she’ll do great here as well because of the things she has experienced in her real life. 🙂

  13. So I see that opinion on Dara’s acting is divided. Honestly, I think Dara should’ve started acting when she started out with 2NE1 even if she wasn’t ‘good enough’ because that’s how one improves, through experience. We can’t turn back time but I also think it’s not fair to be judging prematurely on how she’d do as Noh Woori. I personally think she did well as Lee Sodam. To be frank, I actually would like her to have more subtle characters, I’ve never been a fan of over-the-top acting in rom-coms.

  14. ygbiasedassed said:

    Her portarayal of a bitchy cunning star on the producer was so on point! I wish to see her on those kind of roles in the future too!

    • I totally agree with you! Dara nailed her bitchy role in the Producers. I hope Dara will one day get a role that’s totally different from her personality.

  15. ygbiasedassed said:

    Wow. why are these Dara haters sporadicating now that she has a drama. She may be my bias but i wont pass a biased judgement on her and yes i do admit that she still has to work on some aspects. One of which is the way her eyes shifts, she does it in an obvious way sometimes that it comes out as scripted. But mostly her acting is actually good for starters, she has more emotions than most idol actress who had their drams. Oh godh how cringeworthy most of them are, yes dara has cringe worthy moments too, but she has more good ones than the bad ones and for that i am proud. Lets keep supporting her as she takes on another journey and polishing her acting prowess!

  16. TETETdotSS said:

    It’s a light romantic situation comedy and her acting a little bit more on the “energetic” side is not only attuned to the genre but also the character she’s portraying. Plus, it serves as a “foil” to KSY’s more natural style of acting with the contrast adding the necessary “bite”. She has to be careful, though, not to go over the top with it but seek to strike a balance. Like a Yin for the Yang. When it comes to great acting, Robert de Nero always emphasized, “DON’T ACT. BE!” She did write in her recent LINE Diary that this is how she is in real life, how she speaks, how she acts, etc., like what we see on 2NE1TV. Perhaps we’ll see aspects of herself in the character and not her acting at all.

  17. Chahots said:

    Hi, can you please eng sub dara’s cameo in Producer ep 12??? Pretty please….https://youtu.be/_DKV1q6mQ_M

  18. xkismet said:

    You all crazy. I thought the trailer was a great hook and Dara was super cute and fun to watch. Sure she’s still getting into the groove of acting and her expressions may not always be subtle and nuanced but compared to some Kdrama actresses who are as stiff as cupboard I think Dara is doing well as a beginner.

    Dara reminds me of her character in the series with steven yuen here and I really enjoyed watching here in there. Can’t wait to watch this!!

  19. alohadara said:

    Chi Chi I accept your apology.

    i told you so, are you high? You’re spewing anger and your thought process makes no sense.Calm down before you get a heart attack. We all love Dara in our own way but to call her brainwashed and programmed makes me question your loyalty to her. My last response to you is to take care. This stuff is not worth losing your mind over.

  20. alohadara said:

    She chose to be in this web drama and she will do her best in making her relationship believable.Are you guys really Dara supporters? This drama hasnt even started and you are bitching and moaning. Never seen you here before Itoldyuouso. Whatever she does there will be haters. Hopefully it wont be from her own so called fans. and you know if you dont like it or dont think she’s ready Chichi then dont watch! The rest of us will continue to support her and wish her well!

    • I’m sorry if I sounded mean. Maybe I didn’t use the right words. I love Dara and I do support her in everything she does. I just hope she does better in the future. I’m just being realistic and honest.

      • i told u so said:

        @chichi.You love Dara???but u sound like a dara hater ALL THE TIME.STFU and go way!i hate YG/puppet master/handler.Dara has been programmed and brainwashed.People need to stop those handlers.Btw,Dr Ian is a handler.2ne1 mv/those webdrama is a predictive program.Wake up blind sheeple!

      • Chahots said:

        Hi,., can you eng sub dara’s cameo in producer 12??? Pretty please…https://youtu.be/_DKV1q6mQ_M

  21. I told u so said:

    Dara as Selena Gomez,Seungyoon as Justina Beiber,CL as Taylor Gorgeous Classy Swift??WTF??Fuck YG!!!Evil YG should stop bullying Dara unnie!!YG is an asshole!!This webdrama look like career suicide for Dara unnie(junior celebs/weird pairing/his fangirls gonna kill her,etc)!!Wanna bet?

    • Regardless of who Dara gets paired with there are bound to be some fangirls out there who will disapprove. Are you really comparing Taylor Swift to CL? LOL….

      • I told u so said:

        @Wahh. Real Taylor is gorgeous & classy. YG/those asshole only care about “blonde hair people”/the chosen one. I really wish Dara unnie had rich parents/responsible father so she won’t be a member of YG puppet fam/sold out/The point of no return. Evil YG will destroy Dara unnie future.Wanna bet?

  22. I now know why YG didn’t let Dara act. She simply isn’t ready. I hope she takes a ton of acting classes because her work so far is cringe worthy.

    • She did okay in Dr Ian and Dara just needs more opportunity to improve her skills. I always believe in “practice makes perfect” and I’m sure Dara will be better in the web drama. Just give her a chance and judge her when you really see her act in the drama.

      • I watched Dr. Ian. Some scenes were okay but some scenes were very awkward for me. I think she did better in the Producers cameo. She fits the over the top acting romcom thing. I hope she does that someday.

  23. I can’t wait to watch “We broke up”! This is another opportunity for Dara to showcase her acting skills.

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