Wassup?!? Good moorning~^.*

Ah~ I’m feeling sleepy but I’m working hard!!!
These days, I’m a little busy and my sugar is low. Yesterday, while preparing for Music Bank, I suddenly craved for sweet sticky rice cake! But I ate it like this while my eyeliner was being drawn… My make-up artist has worked hard..^^;; I usually don’t do this. Hahaho…

Recently, I also performed in Sketchbook but its really been a while since I performed for a music broadcast. And it’s a stage performance not with 2NE1. Isn’t this the first time? But even if how many times I perform with oppas in concert, broadcast stage performance is different and new.

This time the song’s ending part has high notes and while I was diligently practicing it, I think I overdid it a little keke it was so funny?!? For 6 years that I attended broadcasts with 2NE1, I’ve never worked hard like this in the morning vocalization practice. Keke! The high notes were sang by other members.. but this time I have to sing the hook and bridge alone. I was really pressured, that’s why I arrived early and practiced. The other members even sent a recorded LINE voice messages so I was able to enjoy the stage performance ^_^ And for this stage performance with Jinusean oppas, I decided to put a lot of 2NE1’s choreography and a final ending pose point should have taken place ^^;; But it’s very sad I wasn’t able to *sobs* But thanks to oppas I really liked the stage performance experience~ Right?!?



Source: Dara’s Line Play Diary

Translated by: Hannah @ WeLoveDara

Capped and Re-uploaded by: @ilovegd21 + OhDara

Comments on: "Line: Hard Working Dara Shares the Preparations She Made for Her Broadcast Stage Performance with Jinusean ~ “I’ve never worked hard like this”" (1)

  1. ckjack_bla said:

    What a cute dork! hahahaha!

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