Yay! Yes Dara, go meet some more friends and expand your horizons.. Enjoy yourself! ❤

Yoon Jeon Il is a former YG Trainee and a Korea National Ballet Company dancer.. ^_^ Here’s his cut from Dancing9 Season 2.. ^^ 




Translated by: 21GYDTS@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Ballerino and Former YG Trainee, Yoon Jeon Il, Thanks Dara for her Support for “Sadness”" (5)

  1. Tides of March said:

    I really hope the new admins take good care of this blog. Oftentimes, it’s not updated for days, and the “cut” of the article is not at an acceptable length that it’s difficult to scroll down from a mobile because it keeps buffering upwards. Maybe the admin could assign a beta or an editor to edit the typographical errors, grammar mistakes, translations, etc., too. It’s not uncommon to ran into such mistakes. Let’s work hard!

    • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We do see the problem, and we’re moving towards rectifying them. Kudos and thank you once again!

  2. there’s no such word as ballerino though

  3. 21GYDTS was the one who translated the message I think

  4. darkymiza88 said:

    Lol. 21GYDTS I went, 21, GD, Yongbae, Daesung, TOP, Seungri…whatever that meant though…such supportive goddess..I wish I can have her as a friend..:)

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