Ooohhh, busy-bee Dara! ❤ She’s going to be the DJ for Beat Radio tomorrow, at 6:00PM! That’s why she was planning to promote her Beat account tomorrow, but since the fans already found her account, she updated about it today, kekekeke! XD FIGHTING DALD! We can’t wait to hear DJ Dara again! ❤


[2NE1 DARA is going on ‘BEAT’ radio] Beat’s sweet DJ Sandara Park, the return of DalD! At 6:00PM tomorrow, we’ll see you at the BEAT~ 



Source: 2NE1 Facebook

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Photo/Official: 2NE1’s Facebook Reveals the “Return of DalD” ~ “Sandara Park Transforms into Beat Radio’s ‘Sweet DJ'”" (5)

  1. TUTORIAL for those who can’t download BEAT APP from Google Play or iTunes:

  2. happy for dara@_@

  3. so beautiful…..

  4. alohadara said:

    sharing this quote from Jeff, “Once again confirmed- Angels don’t age”

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