Why hello there gorgeous! ❤ Thanks for this Clio! Dara looking so beautiful and sexy and mature.. ❤ Cannot wait for the full  promotions to kick off! ^_^



Source: Clio USA Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: Clio Shares Another Breathtaking Picture of Gorgeous, Sexy Sandara Park for “Kill Cover Cushion”" (7)

  1. This is so much better than the first overly photoshopped release!

  2. Now this is better than the first photo! So pretty! I hope they use this one instead of the other one.

  3. Question, please answer me fellow blackjacks & Daraling. What do you think will happen with Dara this year since they aren’t gonna be promoting as 2NE1 obviously because of a members ongoing solo project. Will she just get stuck in her home , and just comes out after 2 years? Im fearing that i wont be seeing much of her anymoooorrreee!

    • gawd i hope not. i’m sure dara is going to keep updating us of her whereabouts…but i also do want to see her working on a project.

  4. like like like it too!!! dara is a bit tan here…she’s not a girl anymore but a woman..

  5. LoveKoSiDara said:

    Like, Like, Like, Like 🙂

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