Again, Congratulations Dara unnie! 2M followers in just one year? Yey! I woke up to a spam of updates from our lovely Dara unnie and it’s just awesome! ❤ I would like to believe that she saw my message on my previous posts. But that’s just the delusional part of me telling me that! Kekeke!

Thank you for sharing to us the wonderful shots you have taken during your vacation in the Philippines! You’ve captured the beauty and awesomeness of some of the wonderful sceneries in Tagaytay and Palawan! Isn’t it amazing how Philippines has all this natural beauties and wonders that the Lord has created? And that includes you too our gorgeous Dara unnie! ^^ ❤  We will never get tired of saying how pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, lovely (insert all the positive adjectives that describe you keke) and awesome you are! We love seeing your happy, pretty and lovely smiling face and knowing that you enjoyed your long due vacation. More blessings to you and we are looking forward to your future activities this coming 2015! ❤

FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTddibCS42_

Throwing a photo as commemoration for reaching 2 million followers~ Bow~

FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTd2joiS_W_

Just posted a photo

FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTeAYRiSy0_FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTeMyKiS3Q_FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTeVGmiS7D_FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTebDwCS96_FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTeeC2CS___FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTeg6giSyD_FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTemKSiS1V_FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTeow6CS3W_FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTewoyCS78_

Do you want to eat too..?! Are you gonna eat too?

FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTezI7CS94_FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTfV6siS7o_FireShot Capture - Photo by daraxxi - http___instagram.com_p_wTgC1FiS3Y_


Source: @daraxxi

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Capped and Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Gorgeous and Lovely Dara (@krungy21) Throws Commemorative Photo for Her 2M Followers and Shares A Series of Wonderful Pics Taken During Her Vacation in the Philippines" (7)

  1. She is really awesome to share these beautiful photos! I see she is no longer scared of horses…unlike before when we saw how terrified she was to get on the saddle on 2NE1TV!

  2. ckjack_bla said:

    I mean I hope she realize that there are people who genuinely care about her through thick and thin.

  3. ckjack_bla said:

    Dara is glowing! I feel that she really enjoyed her healing vacation because of her pic spam. I just hope that she will get through whatever troubles her and there are people who genuinely care about her. ❤

  4. If she produces a photobook of her pictures, I will never get tired of scanning and staring at those pictures…she’s simply angelic and breathtaking…more so than the scenery…………It really shows if a person has a beautiful personality…………..yes, her boyfriend or husband-to-be is one lucky namja…….I hope she’s currently dating and will marry in a year or two….

  5. Dragonfly87 said:

    The last pic looks so nostalgic.. Like her pre-debut (in yg) photos.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous girl (from the inside out)!! I btell you the guy who wins her heart will be sooo lucky!

  6. photobook please……….jebal…..

  7. So beautiful 😍😍😍

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