OMGGGGGGGGGGG~ This certainly went beyond my expectations! Dara had three solo pics and one group pic with Cha Seung Won and Jung Hye Young!

Dara looked utterly, utterly gorgeous and sophisticated in the shoot! She looked very beautiful and pristine, but her expression screams “fierce!”

I think this pic is so so so “DARA!” She’s dressed in a very pretty and colorful Christian Dior F/W 2014 dress, paired with AMBUSH and BoonTheShop jewelry. But her expression is what I’d like to call the “Ssantokki” expression! So cute and fierce, and all uniquely Dara! ❤


Doesn’t she just ooze charm and sex appeal?! Dangggg, her flawless skin and just a hint of her slim, porcelain legs.. ❤ And again, her eyes that pierces through your soul, even through the screen. ❤

Dara is rocking a Gucci mint green python coat, with their silk dress with python collar, both from Gucci’s 2015 S/S collection. Her metallic silver leather sandals are also from Gucci, accessories from Suel Jewelry.. ❤


And why hello there, model Dara! ❤ Love her pose, love the red lips, love the over-all mature theme of this picture~! It’s very nicely contrasted with its lights and shadows.. And of course, gorgeous lady Sandara Park is gorgeous! ❤

Dara is wearing a Valentino Camukimo brocade dress! The dress is actually very pretty, so if you want to, you can look it up.. XD Her ring is from Suel jewelry and her bracelet from Stonehenge.. ^_^ 


Beautiful, powerful picture~! Dara is the only one seated in this pic with Cha Seung Won and Jung Hye Young. But somehow, my eyes are drawn to her (bias notwithstanding, kekeke!), maybe it’s because of her eye-catching red mini dress in the midst of CSW and JHJ’s black outfits? Or maybe, it’s Sandara Park, and she just doesn’t lose out visually, even amongst actors and actresses. XD 

Dara is wearing another piece from Dolce&Gabbana F/W 2014, which is their Little Embroidered Animals Flared Dress.. Another bold piece, which would have carried away the wearer, but Dara owned the dress~! Her heavy-looking rose gold bracelet is also from Gucci, and her pretty feathered shoes is a Givenchy (2009 F/W Urania feather-embellished black stamped textured leather sandals).


P.S. Sorry this weren’t updated on the weekend. T_T Was running myself to the ground because I got so busy and our internet connection at home went out. Like kapeesh, no internet at all. T_T

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Picture Source: @thunder4452 on Twitter

Fashion find source: Dara is Sandara Naver Blog + Dara Styles Tumblr

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: HQ/HD Scans + Fashion Finds of Charming, Alluring, Gorgeous Goddess Dara for Elle Korea’s “Share Happiness” Campaign, December 2014" (5)

  1. ohmygod…how on the earth u are that stunning unnie…my god jawdrop…..ur not really a human…

  2. My favorite photo is the one with the mirror.. She looks stunning.. Even just looking looking at mirror..

  3. drop jaw! so gorgeous elegant and everything love her expressions and pose in every outfit she’s wearing

  4. I love that Valentino dress. Dara has been looking more beautiful lately with or without make up. Her having a photoshoot with actors. Is this a sign? Prayer circle for actress Dara.

  5. So breathtakingly beautiful! The pic with Dara, CSW & JHJ looked like a photo of a wealthy family going to a soiree.

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