“When all we have is a memories to remember”




Trans: Charismadara



Trans: With Chef Song, who grilled meat well & Taehyun, who knows he is pretty.. Don’t be like this ㅠ.ㅠ with chef mino and photo bomber taehyun…



Trans: Dara heading to the stage on the day of the last AON concert



Trans: I came down the stage after finishing the (last) concert, where our staff who had also been working hard greeted me, and because of  my upset heart, i started to brake down and cry, forgetting how would i look like if i did. But!!! What use is it to cry with the world’s scariest reggae hairstyle… Nobody in Hightech consoled me T_T Next time i’m gonna appear with my innocent long straight hair so watch out Hightech T_T /boiling/ T_T  #throwbackthursday#latepost #iwannabepretty”

Source: daraxxi

Translated by: kristinekwak + Bom_Always

Comments on: "Instagram:141106 “Charisma” Dara shares a Throwback Thursday Photos" (1)

  1. That power rapper keeps answering in his interviews that his ideal girl is someone who is “funny”. Not someone with a mere “sense of humor” but like a “gag woman”-someone who fancies herself as a comedienne. The first time he gave this answer was during their fanmeeting in Tokyo, “Hello, WINNER!”, after the YG Family Concert-this was around May. Then he used the same adjective again in a Japanese radio interview a few months later. He said the same thing in a Japanese magazine interview, which was then followed by a Korean magazine interview. It’s been months but he has stayed consistent. In the latest Korean magazine interview, he was made to chose between “kind or sexy”. If he had answered “funny” as in a “sense of humor”, I would not thought it “fishy” but he seemed to be very specific in his characterization-it’s uncanny. And what what “WOW” for him? “A girl who puts her family and the people around her first before herself.”

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