Yaaaayyyy press pictures! ❤ The title says, “Sandara Park, No Embarassment as Beauty Shines Through Even in the Morning” kekekek, because some people feel and look bloated in the morning, but Dara still shines.. ❤ They also commented about her chic, all-black airport fashion.. ❤



And here’s DaRin/ChaeRa! ❤



Source: Kyeongin

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 141017 Press Pictures of Chic, Beautiful Dara at the Airport Headed to Macau" (5)

  1. 2ne1 forever said:

    she looks stunning, but did she repeat her same clothes, pAIR Of shoes and accessories during taeyang’s concert?

  2. from the back she looks like she’s wearing pants…but from the front..BOOM! you see that thigh…and i’m like…i’ve heard of ‘bring that sexy back’…but this is sexy front…
    and then one side of the head is edgy with the dreadlocks but the other side is pretty feminine with her hair down…
    i’m like…i never thought two exactly opposite styles of sexy and edgy, pretty and funky…could jive so well…
    just sandara park baby…just sandara park.

  3. The press is right! Her beauty shines! Keep this up, Dara! Love this outfit on her! She can still be comfy and looking chic too!

  4. Yes, she totally rock that outfit! And damn what a beauty!

  5. omf.. i would totally wear that.

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