I hope Dara gets to meet her new friends more, and not just when she goes to Thailand.. XD I hope their friendship lasts long! Fighting! ^^


marco_maurer: Cute girl Cute new friend @daraxxi nice knowing all yall bros @petchkpn @bie_kpn @jang_p@ying_chittima great concert 👍👍👍👍


@marco_maurer @daraxxi 😄😍


@daraxxi @rachcholong you did great!!! It was a great show. We enjoyed it a lot. #2NE1 #Tofumusicfestival2014 #blackjackthailand


Sent @daraxxi off last night! Hope you got home safe 😊. @marco_maurer #tofumusicfestival2014 #2NE1 #blackjackthailand


Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani อิมแพคอารีนาเมืองทองธานี

วันนี้ผมฟินมากเลยค้าบ ต้องขออนุญาตแฟนๆ “2NE1” นะครับ อิอิ☺️☺️☺️ Dara she’s really cute😘😘😘


再一張跟大家說早安喲^^ 好開熏☺️☺️ One more pic for ur fans!!!!Good morning☀️⛅️ @daraxxi ❤️❤️


只能說這時我真的是害羞慘了 所以只能裝酷嘍 哈哈😊😊 I was super shy because of U!!!!!!! @daraxxi@marco_maurer @jang_p @petchkpn @ying_chittima


Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani อิมแพคอารีนาเมืองทองธานี

Back stage with @daraxxi nice to meet you!!! >> special thanks to p @ying_chittima #2ne1 #tofumusicfestival2014


We are here to support @daraxxi #2ne1 #Tofumusicfestival2014 what a great show!!!


Nice seeing you very cute @daraxxi 😊✌️so impressed !!!@ying_chittima @marco_maurer

Sources: jang_p;best_evonine;bie_kpn;ying_chittima;marco_maurer

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 140823 Backstage photos of Beautiful Goddess Dara and her new Friends" (4)

  1. MariaNiceko said:

    All I see, the pictures of Dara and the guy who wear black sleeve less. OMG!!!

  2. The ever so friendly and nice Dara in every country she always visits.That’s why she is always loved by a lot.

  3. AlohaDara said:

    I love how Dara is making new friends wherever she goes. Now they know what we know, how beautiful, fun, dorky, humble, sexy, talented and so mesmerizing, sweet, cute, kind and the list is endless. She touches each person she comes in contact so they are never the same again. Ahhhh, the power of our Dara!

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