Joross is really a Troll, I thought Dara really met Mario but it was just  Mario’s Pee Mak Wax figure in Madame Taussauds Museum.


Finally @daraxxi meet @mario_mm38 hahahahaha! #peemak @ying_chittima @jorossandkatz @ilikethemoney @rachcholong


We miss you @mario_mm38 😂. @daraxxi@jorossandkatz @rachcholong

Sources: jorossandkatz ying_chittima
Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: 140822 Dara’s Old and New Friend Share Photos of Tourist Dara in Thailand ~Finally Dara meets Mario" (2)

  1. They just wanna have fun!! Kekeke! Pity, Dara apparently didn’t get to meet the real Mario live!!

  2. MariaNiceko said:

    Hahahaha, nakakatawa naman ito….parang gusto ko mahiga sa tawa…

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