Ahhhh, Dara looks so so so classy and gorgeous and chic in the new campaign! Thank you, Clio! This is for the pre-launching of the “Salon De Cara” product campaigns! Basically, it’s like a salon for your eyelashes, keke! Thus the campaign with the mascara and the hair.. ^_^ 

Again, she looks so so so beautiful.. T_T


Hello there updo! Love it! Love her dress too, showing off those long legs! ❤


Look 1 for Volume X Volume!


Look 2 for Volume X Curling!


Look 3 for Volume X Long Lash!



Source: Club Clio Website

Comments on: "Photos: Dara Goes Chic and Classy for Clio’s Pre-Launching Event for “Salon De Cara” Campaign" (10)

  1. I love her second and third hairstyles in the first photo!

  2. desiweelovesapples said:

    You guys have to take it to consideration that Dara is actively promoting in 2ne1 and they just don’t want to give her crap load of endorsements that will tire her and also the reason as to why Dara doesn’t have a CF for Clio is probably because of how her contract as the endorser for Clio is. We’ve been patient for this long already so i don’t think it’ll hurt to wait a bit mote

  3. now watching show me the money 3 but no subs yet…. i do think SAN E mentioned dara can u do subs on that part? plssssss

  4. AlohaDara said:

    admin, this is the 2nd time my comments are awaiting moderation. although I don’t see anything wrong with it, if you do, just take it down and tell me why so I’ll know whats offensive about it and stop writing.

  5. Wow! I’m so glad to see this coz I’m really missing her so much.. Gorgeous as ever!

  6. AlohaDara…i think because dara was close with etude house director..so he knows she likes to quirky..so they made their ads that way. i’m glad to see dara endorsing any products anyway!

  7. How about a cf that would showcase Dara’s sexy and sophisticated side =) Hope CLIO would make a cf like that :3 Missing her a lot =( Hope she updates soon, though I understand they’re keeping low profile in respect to Bom. Hope the girls are alright.

  8. 2ne1 come back home said:

    you know guys Etude is way different from CLIO.. CLIO is more of the grown up style.. thats what I like about it.. the make Dara Look matured and beautiful at the same way.. Ive been looking for this.. ever since Dara debuted as 2NE1.. because she cant be the cute one anymore..she can be versatile.. i love this AD.. 🙂 i wish I could get to buy CLIO products.. but unfortunately there are no CLIO product here.. 😦 i envy those country that have CLIO

  9. remy tan said:

    Well said AlohaDara.. Also most of their previous pics were not as nicely shot. or was the make-up not as well done? Either way,I wasn’t enamored with them. But these are beautiful!!!! Finally…. thank you Clio :))

  10. AlohaDara said:

    What I don’t like about the Clio adds is the way they use Dara. Most of their ads are pictures of only her face and upper body which are beautiful. But Dara is not only a pretty face. She is multi faceted, so vibrant and more beautiful when she moves and acts. Etude commercials were the best. They made her act/perform and it was a delight to watch their commercials or mini stories. And they were highly successful in selling their makeup that Dara endorsed. They need to get more creative people to do the Clio adds.

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