OMG! Yes please! Another movie with Dara pleaseeeee. T__T I still can’t believe how fluent Dara is in Tagalog. <333 Because of this vid, I suddenly missed her movies! I hope YG allows her to make another movie with Star Cinema. Kekeke! ^^

I remember my movies with Star Cinema. I really miss those times. Of course, the movies were really good, the stories, the directors I’ve worked with… I hope I can make another movie with Star Cinema. ^^

In my very first movie, “Bcoz Of U,” we had our shoot in Tondo, near the trains/railway, I still remember that. At first, I got really scared, but now I miss those times. I improved a lot when I shot my three movies. I was happy [acting] because I can be somebody else, who is not me, and that’s what makes it really interesting. 

To the Star Cinema family, how are you? This is Sandara, do you still remember me? I really missed you all. I hope we’ll see each other again and hope we’ll make another movie. ^^ Happy 20th anniversary Star Cinema! I love you all!


Source: ABS-CBN Star Cinema
Translated by: OhItsLAI@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Comments on: "Video/Trans: Sandara Park Congratulates Star Cinema On Their 20th Anniversary" (4)

  1. Ludaralu said:

    She always recieve a lot of korean drama offers but she always reject it, I bet its the same for movie offers too. Maybe because of the hectic schedule thats why she always reject those offers.

  2. 2ne1 come back home said:

    To be honest when I first saw Dara in SCQ, I didn’t like her that much bcos i want Hero to win, Lol.. But when I started watching their movies together, I started to like DARA, she moved me in a very nice way.. I wish to see her in movies in Korean or Filipino movies.. i really wish..she’s really good at it..she’s so talented.. Saranghae Unnie

  3. dear sandara, where are you now…you’re not updating and we really missed you…please, update us…

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