The “YG M.V CLIP T PROJECT” is a collaboration between clothing brand 29CM and YG Entertainment. It will show the designs made from scenes from YG artists’ MVs. ^^ Artists Jo In Hyuk, Buzcha, and Hwang Minsic worked together to create the artwork for the shirts. ^_^ I am not sure if they allow orders from outside Korea though.. T_T Each shirt costs around $37 each.. ^^

Here are the 2NE1 shits from the  “YG M.V CLIP T PROJECT”.. ^^

Missing You


Come Back Home





Source: 29CM Website

Re-uploaded and info added by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1 T-Shirts Among Those Featured in “YG M.V CLIP T PROJECT” Collaboration with 29CM" (2)

  1. jaedoong said:

    i love the shirts btw.. I hope they will have more designs and have each members shirts-picture!

  2. Do you mean 2ne1 shirts or Is it really “2ne1 shits”?
    BTW hate the design… they could do better

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