One of the rarest times where we don’t see Dara smiling at the airport. Seeing her so sad breaks my heart. Stay strong Dara, Bom, Minzy and CL. ♥













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Comments on: "Press Photos: 140704 Dara at Gimpo Airport Headed to Japan" (9)

  1. This is a rare, heartbreaking sight… and not only our dear Dara, but CL and Minzy as well. These photos tugged on my heart so much. In the close up photos, not only can you see Dara, maybe shedding a tear?… but also a swollen face, most likely from crying (I could be wrong but Dara does not wear sunglasses that really cover her eyes often).

    I am so glad that Blackjacks are strong and united for our ladies and against this ludicrous issue.

  2. whats that circle on her hand for. She still looks lovely even if shes not smiling. She kinda looks like TOPs sister though.

  3. Urghhh! Why isn’t this a non-issue yet?? The press ran a bunch of over-exaggerated story headlines and accusations, got a legit response from YG with confirmation from S.Korea’s legal system…so I can’t understand why common sense hasn’t prevailed yet.

    Our girls look so sad and upset! I just want to give them all a big hug!

  4. i think Dara really hurts most. If she could punch the face of the photographer maybe she will. You can see she’s angry too.

  5. IT made me feel real sad looking this photo of SANDY,tears rolling down my eyes as i scrolled this photos how i wish i could touched BOM and say that everythings alright.Just keep on going on tour meet your fans all over the world they still love you.

  6. I can see the tears in Dara’s eyes! Ohhh my! It brokers my heart!

  7. I miss Dee’s smile.. 😦

  8. poor bom, stay strong, all the girls are affected for bom, yg has counter many problems in the past, gd, seungri, daesung, they would pass this problem.stay strong girls, stay strong bom

  9. charlane said:

    Why did they put a circle around her hand?

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