Here are Dara, CL and Minzy at Gimpo Airport headed to Japan. Bom went thru the airport using a VIP entrance.

Sorry but Bom didn’t take the VIP entrance, she just took a later flight. So proud of Bommie for showing everyone she has nothing to be ashamed of! ❤





At the airport, K-Blackjacks tried to cover the girls using their caps and jackets to prevent journalists from taking a picture of them. Much respect to the Korean Blackjacks. Thank you for always caring for the girls. ♥










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Comments on: "Press Photos: 140704 Dara, CL, Minzy, and Bom at Gimpo Airport Headed to Japan" (6)

  1. Remy Tan said:

    Atta girl! Show those haters/detractors how low they are. To Segyo Ilbo for spreading reports without confirming their facts first, and those just too ready to feast on anything in order to brighten their own miserable lives, shame on you all. Truth will set you free. Bommie fighting!!!! Ssangpark will always be my fave tandem.

  2. desiweelovesapples said:

    You guys know that AKP just translates Korean entertainment news right?? The one that should be blamed is that Segye Ilbo… integrity my ass

  3. AlohaDara said:

    Remy, I hope YG sues and goes after those reporters, or whoever decided to attack Bom to tarnish her reputation. Bom and 2NE1 Fighting!

  4. me too…. I want to hug them…

  5. Remy Tan said:

    How can AKP get away tarnishing the good image of 2ne1, and casting doubt on Bom’s reputation? Seeing the girls somber faces is disheartening enough but to know that Bom opted to go through the VIP entrance further adds to my anger with whoever leaked/penned the stupid report!!!!

  6. I dunno why but I was in tears when I was reading the article… =_=

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