Loud cheers from fans! And oooooh, we once again witness 2NE1’s fluency in English! <333

Credits: MrSarangKpop7

Comments on: "Video: 140628 Press Video of 2NE1’s Press Conference for “All Or Nothing” Concert in Singapore" (2)

  1. I love that the other girls are talking more instead of leaving everything to CL. I have noticed that Dara has been coming out from her shell and her proficiency in English has improved. Adorable! Actually this is digressing a little but how ironic that even Dara’s Tagalog got better although she no longer lives in the Philippines.

  2. 2ne1 come back home said:

    this interview is fun..they all answered the questions.. i like the way CL answered the question about making/composing a song for each member solo’s, i think she knows the girls very well.. i wish to see DARA and MINZY do solo activities next year..or by the end of the year..

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